Hollywood Couple Created 'The Bible' Mini-Series to 'Set the Record Straight'

"I sent out an email and the headline on the email was, 'Looking for Jesus.' And prayer works," Downey said. "We found the most wonderful actor, Portuguese actor Diogo Morago, who has breathed such beauty and strength."

After Jesus was cast, they were still stumped on who would play his mother, the Virgin Mary. In the end, Downey herself stepped into the role.

"I went to Morocco with my producer's hat firmly on my head, but Mark said, 'You're not seeing the obvious,'" she said.

In addition to the theology both Burnett and Downey had to master, there were also a few real-life problems to overcome -- like cobras and scorpions that had to be cleared from the set in Morocco every day. But one snake ended up in a starring role as Satan, tempting Jesus, which meant on the first day of shooting their new Jesus would be sorely tested.

"His first day on the job, there was this huge poisonous snake," Burnett said. "I mean, huge. Like, 6-foot, thick snake crawling across his body and through his hair as he lay on the floor."

But they are a "Survivor" family and, with that, there has to be a little competition. A whole slew of Hollywood productions based on the Bible are launching: Steven Spielberg is doing "Moses," Will Smith is doing "Cain and Abel" and Russell Crowe will star in "Noah."

"I ran into Russell Crowe the other night and said, 'You know, our ark is bigger than your ark,'" Downey said.

And as for Burnett and Downey's kids, the couple said they let them screen a portion of the mini-series ahead of time and were pleased with the results.

"They called us after they screened it at school and said everybody loves it and have been coming up to them since, in school, saying, 'I cannot wait to see it,'" Burnett said.

"I said, 'What was the most-heard comment from your fellow teens at your school?' and they said, 'That's really cool,' so we felt, 'Hey, we got something right,' Downey said. "Because, you know what? The Bible is really cool."

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