Howard K. Stern: Anna Nicole Smith 'Vindicated'


"I think there were things that Daniel had going on in his life that I missed out on…I think that was the crucial moment. I focused too much on work and not enough on what was going on in Daniel's life," Stern said.

Less than two weeks after the death of her son, Stern and Smith exchanged vows in a commitment ceremony.

"To me she was perfect…she was sweet, she was smart she had a good heart. To me she was everything," Stern said.

Months later, Smith would overdose and die.

Stern said that while he has no regrets, he does sometimes wish he could go back in time to save Smith from that fatal overdose.

"Anna meant everything to me and if what you're asking me is if I could go back in time with what I know now, absolutely I would do that," Stern said. "You don't have hindsight…you live life in the present and I did the best I could and I know the doctors did they best they could at the time."

With his legal problems behind him, Stern plans to start working as a lawyer again, this time as a criminal defense lawyer.

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