Jackie Collins Unveils New Book, Dishes About "Jersey Shore"


Collins on Reality TV

This season's "Dancing with the Stars"

"To bring on George Clooney's ex [Elisabetta Canalis] is a real kind of 'what?' He must be so humiliated! If I was him I'd be totally humiliated. I love David Arquette. I think he's going to be the star of the show. He's handsome. He's got a great look and some humor. Nancy Grace seems like stunt casting. I'm not sure about that. Chaz Bono - good for him."

"Jersey Shore"

"I watch it. It's one of my car-crash TV shows."

"The Kardashians"

"I really like them. I think it's an interesting show. It's like "The Osbornes" were 10 years ago. I like their honesty. It seems they have no filter. I like Khloe. She's got a very sarcastic sense of humor. If you gave me a choice between the 'Jersey Shore' and 'The Kardashians,' I'd pick 'The Kardashians' any day."

Collins on Marriage

"I have three daughters. Most women concentrate on their children and then the husband is kind of left out in the cold. I feel that's why they go off and be unfaithful. You have to make time for your husband. You have to say to yourself, 'One of these days these sweet, little kids are going to grow up and you're going to be there with your husband.'"

Collins on Sex

"I'm a big believer in role playing. Like Lucky says, 'You've got to make time for it' [sex]. You've got to make sure you keep your husband happy, and you've got to make sure you keep yourself happy. When two people get married you get this young, lovely and beautiful couple. Then in 10 years he's slaving over a hot secretary, and she's sitting around in curlers. That's not the way to keep passion alive. The first two years of passion is hot, hot, hot. Then after that you've got to keep the fires burning."

Collins on Trends

"I don't follow trends; they follow me. Like the whole leopard-skinned thing. Rod Stewart and I started that. That comes and goes all the time. It's in and then it's tacky and then it's back in and then it's tacky. I like a monochrome look. Black pants, black top and then some fabulous jewelry and a great jacket. Now jackets are in. I was wearing leggings 10 years ago. Now it's the hot thing to do. I was doing it before everyone was doing it."

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