Megan Fox: Crazy or Sly Like a Fox?

Could the "Sexiest Woman on the Planet" also be a public relations mastermind? 

Mixing sexuality, humor, crazy comments and horror, Megan Fox has taken to promotion of "Jennifer's Body," which hits theatres today, like, well a sex-obsessed, demon-possessed killer to its vulnerable male prey.  

In an interview with ABC News Now's "Popcorn with Peter Travers,"  Fox said that movie studios "underestimate audiences in general and market to them as if they're stupid." 

To wit, as if the legion of male fans weren't paying enough attention to her, the buildup to the film's opening has included releasing pictures of an on-screen girl-on-girl kiss with her co-star Amanda Seyfried; tales of fighting on the set of "Transformers;" and a tongue-in-cheek fake PSA where Fox appears as herself to speak out against bullying in high school.

VIDEO: Megan Fox on her new horror comedy and her relationship with director Michael Bay.

Her message garnered millions of hits on the Web and offered an irreverent, if not original, solution:  "I say f*** 'em...what really matters is being yourself and if that means slowly killing and eating every boy at your school well then I say do it. Nothing is more important than just being who you are." 

This dark humor and its strong leading lady are what differentiate "Jennifer's Body" from other horror films, and Megan Fox seems to relish her new role as a "psycho."

In most horror movies, female characters always end up slaughtered, Fox told Travers. 

"In this movie the women are the predators; at least my character is. I get kind of psychotic. And there are some moments that people, I don't think, are going to expect to see from me," said Fox.

She does not like to see sex and violence in films because it makes her uncomfortable, which is an ironic statement from the star of a movie that embodies both. However, she would still see "Jennifer's Body" because "it's funny," she said.

"This is the kind of movie I love," she continued. "It's not like 'Shaun of the Dead,' but in the sense that there's a lot of comedy elements mixed in with the horror, it is like that."

"Jennifer's Body" is a sexy horror flick written by Diablo Cody, the stripper-turned-Academy-Award-winning Juno screenwriter. Fox plays Jennifer Check, a high school beauty queen, who is sacrificed in a satanic ritual by an indie rock band in the hopes of getting a record deal. The ritual fails and Jennifer is possessed by a Succubus, a demonic female spirit who seduces and devours men. 

"Diablo and her manager Mason Novick all along had me in mind for the character," Fox told Travers. "People who've seen the movie have said they can't see anyone else playing it. It's tailored to my sense of humor."

"Diablo read some of my interviews and appreciated the irreverence that came across in them," she added. 

Jennifer's Body is directed by Æon Flux's Karyn Kusama and co-stars Seyfried as Jennifer's best friend Needy, and Adam Brody as Nikolai the devil-worshiping rock singer.

Fox, of course, shot to fame in Michael Bay's "Transformers" blockbuster series and acknowledges that the first "Transformers" movie opened a lot of doors for her. 

Recently, there were reports of tension between Fox and Bay especially when Fox, in a TV interview, negatively described the sequel Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen."

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