The 10 Best Vampire Movies And TV Shows Of All Time

It's not often that, before a movie has even opened, thousands and thousands of people have already bought their tickets. But says that "New Moon" has broken all their records—it's earned the number one spot on the company's list of the top 10 advance ticket sellers of all time, shooting the record held by "Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith" for five out of the water. Ditto for Fandango. They say that almost half of advance ticket buyers are under the age of 24, and that 87 percent of them are women. [EW]

In honor of the release of "New Moon," here's a look at the 10 best vampire movies and TV shows of all time, which you should see immediately. You know, since "New Moon" is probably sold out, for the next few days anyway.

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"Buffy The Vampire Slayer"

I remember laughing when my sister told me that this show was good—the title is just so ridiculous, and the movie it was based on was laughable. But I found myself completely sucked in ... for the following seven years. The show tells the story of Buffy, the "chosen one" born with the super strength and wits to protect humans from vampires. Buffy falls in love with Angel, a once-ruthless vampire whom a gypsy cursed by giving him back his soul. The show is actually similar to "Twilight" except for one big difference—while Bella is helpless, Buffy can kick some serious Vampire butt all on her own. And the show was hilarious, while "Twilight" is extremely earnest.Click here for more from

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This silent film from 1921 is a classic for a reason. Directed by film pioneer F. W. Murnau, the studio couldn't get the rights to Bram Stoker's Dracula so cleverly decided to tell the exact same story, but change all the names. (Hence, why it's a "nosferatu" rather than a "vampire.") The basics: a real estate agent goes to sell a castle to a creepy count, who tries to drink his blood and, when he resists, locks him up. The count heads back to the agent's hometown, bringing death wherever he goes, on a mission to drink the blood of the agent's wife. But even more notable than the plot—the dark, shadowy, ultra-stylized visuals of the film.

Dakota Fanning: Homecoming Queen

"Interview with the Vampire"

It's the film that brought you Kirsten Dunst, and the bromantic-bordering-on-sexual relationship between Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. What's not to like? The basic premise is that a reporter is interviewing (get the title?) vampire Louis (Pitt), asking him to narrate his life story. He tells him of being turned into a vampire after losing his wife, being besties with the vamp who turned on him (Lestat, played by Cruise), and eventually trying to kill him along with a young vamp the two sired together (Dunst). If you didn't see it when it came out in 1994, this is what Netflix was made for.

"True Blood"

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