Nick Stahl Disappears: 'Terminator' Actor Vanishes Again After Early Rehab Exit

VIDEO: "Terminator 3" stars wife fears drugs might be involved in his
WATCH Nick Stahl Missing for More Than a Week

Family and friends of troubled actor Nick Stahl are once again looking for the 'Terminator" star, who has disappeared again, just a week after he checked out of a Los Angeles rehabilitation facility against his doctor's wishes.

Stahl, who starred in "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" and the short-lived HBO series "Carnivale," previously disappeared for two weeks in May but re-emerged to check himself into rehab.

"He's been missing for four days," Stahl's wife, Rose Murphy Stahl, told E! News. "But I don't want to comment any further."

Stahl went to stay at a friend's house after leaving rehab, according to E! News, and was later seem in downtown Los Angeles. The actor has not been seen since he left his friend's home Thursday night.

After he re-emerged in May following his disappearance, Stahl sent friends an "unemotional and unapologetic" email, according to his wife, telling them that "he's OK," that he'd be entering a month-long stay at a rehabilitation program.