Nicole Richie and Other Celebrities Who Delay Marriage

Three years and two children later, actress Nicole Richie and musician Joel Madden have announced they are officially tying the knot.

If it seems Madden and Richie are flouting the words "first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage," they are certainly not alone. Plenty of stars have either delayed marriage after having children or forsaken the nuptials altogether. When it comes to relationships in Hollywood, nearly anything goes.

Just yesterday, Leonardo DiCaprio, 35, who has dated some of the world's most beautiful women, including his current flame Israeli model Bar Refaeli, told "Good Morning America" host Robin Roberts that he is putting off marriage and family, even though three years ago, he told Oprah Winfrey that he'd be ready for both ... when he's 35.

VIDEO: The actor talks about his new film and collaborating with Martin Scorsese.

Now that he's 35, DiCaprio told Roberts Monday, "The truth is I'm very lucky to be in the position I am in now. If the other stuff happens to come along in a natural progression, then so be it."

"As long as I have another 10 years," he added jokingly.

Madden and Richie didn't seem in a big hurry to get hitched either, even though they have been living as a close-knit family for some time. As recently as October, Richie dashed engagement rumors.

"One day I would love to get married," she told a reporter. "It's not something we're talking about right now. If my kids ask me to get married, I'd get married."

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Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have announced their engagement.

Then on Monday, Madden revealed the couple had been engaged for some time.

"Yep. i'm engaged," Madden Tweeted. "Very happy. Yeah we've been engaged for a while."

Richie reportedly told David Letterman Monday during a taping of his show that the couple was engaged. The show is scheduled to air Friday.

Father-of-the-bride singer Lionel Richie was overjoyed by the news.

"I am not sure who is luckier, Nicole and Joel to have each other, or me, to have both of them in my life," Richie told People magazine Tuesday. "I cannot wait to give away the bride!"

Richie added that the couple has "proven to be great parents."

Whether they will be great spouses remains to be seen. Dr. Jenn Berman believes they stand a good chance, though.

"They appear to be a couple with good heads on their shoulders," she told

"But putting the cart before the horse is generally not what I recommend," added Berman, the author of "The A to Z Guide to Raising Happy Confident Kids." "Everybody is well served when parents are able to create a solid relationship and level of stability and familiarity prior to starting a family."

Celebrities are not like the rest of us, though. While most average couples wait until marriage to start a family, in part, out of financial need, Berman said celebrities don't have the same financial needs. For that reason they may be more hesitant to get married and choose to start a family first.

If Madden and Richie wonder what the future holds for them, they can look at some other Hollywood couples who have taken a less traditional route:

Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham

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