Oscar 2012: Too Close to Call?


"Is most of commercial narrative filmmaking the product of mostly white men? Sadly, the answer is yes," "Descendants" director Payne told the Times.

Denzel Washington, who won an Oscar for "Training Day," suggested opening up the membership to "balance" it. "If the country is 12 percent black, make the Academy 12 percent black," Washington said, while admitting at a recent screening that his wife actually does the voting for him.

But Adams thinks that would be the wrong move.

"The Academy and the Oscars -- no one ever thought it was a democracy. That's the People's Choice awards," she said. "In time and slowly it will evolve. And inside that group, there are some people who are voting from their heart and the pure love of movies, like Mother Dolores Hart, a white nun (who once starred in films with Elvis). They are not voting as a block. There's still a little mystery."

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