Oscar Snubs: Still No Love for Christopher Nolan?

VIDEO: Chris Connelly explains the logic behind Oscar nominations.

The Oscar nominations have been announced and, as is often the case, the more interesting story is not who's in but who's out.

The biggest snub -- Christopher Nolan being left off the list for best director -- sparked a Twitter outrage Tuesday.

His summer blockbuster "Inception" received a total of eight Academy Award nominations, including two for Nolan in the original screenplay and best picture categories. Nolan also wrote and produced the film.

But "Inception" didn't just direct itself. And after Nolan was snubbed for both 2000's "Memento" and 2008's "The Dark Knight," fans were starting to wonder what it takes for Nolan to get some Oscar love.

"You have to wonder whether the Academy has it in him for a little bit," Patricia Chui, editor-in-chief of Moviefone.com, told ABCNews.com.

Though the Director's Guild of America nominated Nolan for directing "Inception," Academy voters have not followed suit. All the other 2011 DGA nominees -- Darren Aronofsky ("Black Swan"), David Fincher ("The Social Network"), David O. Russell ("The Fighter") and Tom Hooper ("The King's Speech") -- received Oscar nods. But "True Grit" directors Joel and Ethan Coen beat out Nolan for the fifth slot.

The complaints are already pouring in to Twitter.

One person tweeted: "Hey Academy...who incepted your minds with the idea that Christopher Nolan didn't deserve to be nominated for Best Director this year!? WTF!"

Another chimed in: "No best director nomination for Christopher Nolan = No Oscars this year."

Here are six other surprising snubs from this year's Oscar nominations:

Mark Wahlberg

Many saw this one coming, but when Mark Wahlberg, the star of "The Fighter," was -- excuse the pun -- knocked out of the best actor competition, it still hurt.

Never mind that three of his co-stars -- Amy Adams as his girlfriend; Melissa Leo, who played his mother; and Christian Bale, as his brother Dicky -- received nominations in the supporting actress and actor categories. Wahlberg was the odd man out.

"Not that he wasn't great," Chui said about Wahlberg. "But Christian Bale is the one people are talking about more. He had the flashier role."

Oscar Snubs and Surprises

Javier Bardem was the surprise nominee in the best actor category. And the fact that he earned his nomination in the Spanish-language film "Biutiful," which also snagged a best foreign film spot for Mexico, is even more surprising.

But Wahlberg can take heart. As producer of "The Fighter," he could be collecting a prize if the film wins for best picture.

Or as Leo, who won the Golden Globe for her role as Wahlberg's mother, told "GMA" Tuesday: "Mark Wahlberg, one of the most generous, most beautiful people I've ever met, is receiving all sorts of nominations right now. Every nomination is a nomination for Mark Wahlberg."

Ryan Gosling

Another actor many say was snubbed this year is Ryan Gosling for his performance in the marriage drama "Blue Valentine."

Gosling's co-star, Michelle Williams, got a much-deserved spot in the best actress category, but Gosling, her on-screen husband, did not.

"How can you award one without the other?" Chui said. The movie is a performance of two actors in tandem with each other. Each performance is so dependent on the other. Personally I would have loved to see him nominated."

Mila Kunis and Andrew Garfield

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