Paris Jackson Steps Into the Spotlight, but What's Next?

Paris has shown streaks of independence, though. When drama unfolded between Jackson's siblings this summer, she publicly challenged her relatives about the health of her grandmother, tweeting that she didn't appreciate one family member "yelling everyone things that aren't true." Representatives for the Jackson family spokesman did not respond to requests for comment.

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Paris has also been outspoken about the upcoming presidential election. She tweeted last month that she would "move to Africa" if Romney wins.

"Spoke my mind, said my opinions ... don't reeeallyy care if you disagree with me … #sorrynotsorry #voteobama," she added.

"She's very strong with very strong opinions," Drew told "You can't tell her what to think. You can see her parents in her."

Besides acting and tweeting, Paris has also been trying to come into her own style-wise. She posted photos of some new looks to Instagram, including trying out a short, Miley Cyrus-esque wig.

Michael Bush, Michael Jackson's longtime friend and costume designer, said Paris should keep experimenting with fashion.

"Experience everything, try everything until you find your look," Bush, the author of "King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson," told about his advice to Paris. "Everybody wants to piece themselves together until they find their niche. Hopefully, she can do the same thing. Her personality will come out with her clothing."

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