Paul McCartney Engaged to Nancy Shevell: Third Time Charmed?


Within 12 months, Shevell and McCartney were nearly inseparable. According to the Mail, she even adopted his vegetarian lifestyle. The Post's Adams says Shevell always accompanies McCartney on his travels because he doesn't like to be alone.

She Shuns the Spotlight

Like Linda McCartney and unlike Mills, Shevell prefers not to be in the spotlight. "She is terribly private and discreet," Shuter said. "I've seen her with Paul at different events, and she really doesn't want to be photographed. She'd rather be in the shadows."

Mills, on the other hand, was a model and actress and had once posed for nude photos. "Nancy is not as bubbly or full of life as Heather was," Shuter said. "But she comes with a lot fewer problems."

Mills opted for a lavish wedding in a castle in Ireland, while Shevell is planning a family-only affair in the backyard of her Hamptons home this summer.

She's Got Stella's Approval

Speaking of family, Shevell has apparently earned the stamp of approval from McCartney's fashion designer, daughter Stella.

"We all know that Stella hated Heather," Shuter said.

And according to the Daily Mail, Stella was initially resistant to the idea of McCartney getting married again but has since come around.

"She considers Nancy to be a solid woman," Shuter said.

It doesn't hurt that Shevell wears a lot of Stella's designs and was photographed last weekend flashing the designer's latest handbag -- and her engagment ring.

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