'Plastic Wives' Defend Breast Implants, Botox and 'Beverly Hills' Decisions


"I'll still obsess about an acne scar or something, but I think most women do find things they obsess about. But look, I'm pretty happy," she said.

Sands said she is not addicted to plastic surgery, but in the past six months, she has been in her husband's office "a lot."

"I always see him in surgery doing people's teeth and I'm always like, 'Babe, just please do my teeth,'" she said.

Though plastic surgery is a $10 billion a year industry in the United States, plastic surgeon Dr. Lisa Cassileth said shows like "Plastic Wives" send the wrong message about body image and cosmetic surgery.

"I think if you have something you're walking around with, it's easy to fix, you don't need to live with it, O.K., there's a level where you can fix that," she said. "But for the day-to-day person, I think most people are only going to want to fix something if they wake up every morning and it bothers them and it's worth it. And that's a much smaller percentage than what we see on television."

Cassileth said she often spends her days correcting surgeries that she said have gone too far.

"The insider phrase is 'Beverly Hills,'" she said. "So when people come in and they're overdone, I say to them, 'I'm sorry, you're looking too Beverly Hills, and that's when you stop.'"

She has helped fix patients like Jillian Weisberg, who said another plastic surgeon injected a full syringe of juvederm into her lips and they ballooned.

"When people would come over to my house, they would laugh in my face," she said. "I looked ridiculous."

But some plastic wives can't seem to stop and their lives, just like their faces, seem glamorous, scar-free and flawless -- most of the time. Marques thought she had it all during her seven-year marriage to Dr. Ryan Stanton, until, she said, he left her. They are still friends and they run his plastic surgery business together.

"He got the midlife crisis and he wants to be with a younger women [sic] half of my age and so he left me because of that," Marques said. "Although I have done everything to keep myself young, he just -- I couldn't keep the man."

Even so, Marques said she even loves the name of the reality show, "Plastic Wives."

"I thought it was brilliant," she said. "We do a lot of plastic surgery, but we don't look nothing like plastic, you know, we don't look overdone."

And she still wants more.

"I am kind of addicted," Marques said. "There are so many things coming, so many new technologies, new implants, new Botox, new fillers, laser procedures and all that. And I want it all."

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