Mad Men Premiere

Go mad for the fashion on Mad Men, just in time for the finale.

Mad Men Fashion

Mad Men Fashion Christina Hendricks
Mad Men Fashion Elizabeth Moss
Mad Men Fashion January Jones
Mad Men Fashion John Slatter
Mad Men Fashion Jon Hamm
Mad Men Fashion Vincent Kartheiser
Mad Men Fashion Christina Hendricks
"Mad Men" takes place at a New York advertising agency in the early 1960s. The television show reflects the fashion of the era, from pencil skirts to slim suits. Actress Christina Hendricks, pictured, plays office manager Joan Holloway on the show. The show's costume designer, Janie Bryant, creates up to 200 costumes per show. "I knew more about early iconic '50s, more so than the early '60s, but I just love that period, too, because it is that time of Camelot and pre-disasters in America and you really get a little glimpse into what that life was all about, before assassinations and before war, just all very pristine and perfect," Bryant told Glamour magazine. (Courtesy Mad Men/Getty Images)
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