Robin Williams, in the Moment


Since then, Williams starred in dozens of films and went on several stand-up comedy tours, but in 2006, he relapsed and checked into a substance-abuse rehabilitation center in Oregon.

"I was drinking," he said. "I was just, you know, not a full-out train wreck, but let's just say with one wheel in the sand.

"You get to a point where you fall off," he said. "You think no, I can do it now, I'm OK, I can deal with this, and then you realize, no you can't. ... It didn't take very long to go from one drink to full-out abuse."

Williams said his relapse cost him his 19-year marriage to his second wife, Marsha Garces, who filed for divorce in March 2008, citing irreconcilable differences.

But after he was released from rehab and underwent heart surgery, Williams said he became closer with his children, including his 21-year-old daughter, Zelda, who followed in her father's acting footsteps.

Williams: 'Love Doing What You Do'

"She's made a lot of movies," Williams said. "I haven't watched them because its slasher movies, and she gets killed. So I go, that's my daughter, the one being axed."

As for his next projects, Williams said it's all about waiting for the next script to come in.

"I'm waiting right now," he said. "If something came in today that's supposedly really good ... you just want to find something interesting to do at this point."

As he approaches his 60th birthday, Williams reflected on what he would tell his 30-year-old self.

"Don't be running so fast," he said. "Enjoy. Just take it, slow down if you could, because when you're 30, it's like, 'I've got to do everything now!'... And love doing what you do."

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