'Sex and the City 2': Fantasy or Farce?

what women over 40 think of the movie: is it fantasy or farce?

In the poster and previews for the upcoming "Sex and the City" sequel, Carrie Bradshaw may look like she's turned back the hands of time, but in real life 45-year-old actress Sarah Jessica Parker, a mother of three, admits she feels "old and tired."

Most women Parker's age -- including Parker herself -- lead lives very different than Carrie's.

"I don't feel like Carrie -- my life is so different, my choices are different. But I love her. I love playing her and everything about her -- the good, the flawed, the mistakes, the bad choices," Parker told Heat magazine recently.

VIDEO: A scene from the upcoming Sex and the City 2.
'Sex and the City 2' Movie Clip

Asked by the magazine to reveal the secret to her beauty, Parker quipped: "I don't have one. I feel old and tired! I have children I run round after, I try to walk as much as possible, and other than that I buy every cream possible."

Parker appeared nonplussed by the flap over the Photoshopped movie poster.

"It's curious to me because everything's Photoshopped now," she told E! Online's Marc Malkin while promoting the film. "I'm curious, because do they ask it about a Will Smith poster or a Tom Cruise poster?"

Fans of the popular HBO series-turned-movie-franchise know it's a fantasy -- and they don't care. They can't wait to see the latest exploits of that fabulous foursome. And that includes women over 40 who can relate more to Parker's feeling old and tired than Carrie's high-fashion lifestyle.

"It's so indulgent. They are in the middle of the desert with all their fashion," said Alison Gigl George, a 47-year-old art therapist and mother of a six-year-old, referring to the storyline which takes the four women to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

"It's very Hollywood," George told ABCNews.com. "They amp up the glamour. But it doesn't bother me. It's what we love. And the scenes that run through it can be very true and relevant."

Even though Rebecca Michelman, 44, a Manhattan art dealer, has experienced some of that glamorous lifestyle firsthand, her own life is about to change dramatically with the birth of her first child.

Still, she is eager to see "Sex and the City 2," which she says will always remain relevant because the series once reflected a time in many women's lives when they were young and single but striving for more.

"It reminds you of a special time in your life," Michelman told ABCNews.com. "You're notstaligic for what you gave up -- not that you want to go back. In real life you don't want that life, but in a movie, it's the right dose."

"For all of its outrageousness it still manages to touch very real buttons," Michelman added. "That's why it's so compelling -- to imagine we can be all things, glamorous and sexy but also tired and struggling with our identities."

In clips from the film, it's clear that Samantha, played by 53-year-old actress Kim Cattrall, is struggling with getting older. As Samantha, who is going through menopause, opens up a box of vitamins and supplements, she tells her friends, "I've tricked the body into thinking it's younger."

In real life, Cattrall has called this period "one of the happiest times in my life." She recently conquered London's West End in a Noel Coward revival and received raves for her roles in Roman Polanski's "The Ghost Writer" and the indie film "Meet Monica Velour."

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