'Glee'-fully on Top: Cast of Cult Favorite Revels in Spotlight

Photo: The Cast of Glee with Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison

The kids are bright-eyed. The teacher is yummy. And the high school hallways are alive with the sound of music.

But saccharine family fare, "Glee" isn't.

Now barreling into sweeps on Fox television with storylines about potentially adulterous school employees, teen pregnancy and -- oh yeah -- glee club, the show that initially blew most reviewers out of the water seems to be living up to the hype.

"It was either going to be really good or really bad," star Matthew Morrison told ABCNews.com. "As soon as we shot the pilot, there was just this feeling. We knew it was something special."

Almost manic in its plots and twists, "Glee" jumps throughout each episode as the characters deal with hope, rejection -- and Sue Sylvester.

Jane Lynch, the veteran comedienne whose performance as Sue, the villianous cheerleading coach, has led some to call her the best part of the show and others to speculate an Emmy nod may be in her future, said she's proud of what the show has been able to accomplish.

"A lot of people say 'Glee' makes me feel happy," she told ABCNews.com.

The show, generally well-received by TV watchers and bloggers alike, has gotten some online backlash from parents who say they are disappointed that it is too raunchy to watch with their pre-teen "High School Musical"-loving children.

"It is a little racy, I think, for a younger audience," Morrison said, but added that sometimes parents are too quick to protect their children from what they already know.

"Young kids know all this stuff. We don't live in a world right now where it's like the '50s and everyone is wholesome. People have sex in high school all the time," he said. "We need to give kids more credit. They're not stupid."

Morrison, who plays glee club leader and Spanish teacher Will Schuester, said he's learned to learned to stay off the blogs and away from armchair critics, saying everyone always has "skeptics and haters."

"I think it's impossible to ever create any kind of entertainment or TV show or theater or anything that everyone across the board is going to like," he said.

Lynch agreed, saying of the critics, "Well, too bad for them.

"I've also heard from people who do not like musical theater," she said. "They'd rather have a root canal than go to see a production of 'Oklahoma.' And they love it."

The music itself is proving to be as popular as the show. Songs from "Glee" -- all performed by the show's stars -- have raced to the top of iTunes' charts and the soundtrack's first volume will be out in stores today. Even A-list celebrities are fans -- Madonna recently released her catalog to the show.

Jane Lynch Embraces Her Inner Devil

"Glee" is Lynch's first major foray into small-screen comedy and, so far, she's loving it.

Not only does she seem to get the best lines, she gets to come into work every day wearing Sue's trademark track suits and sneakers.

"I'm not wearing them right now and I miss them desperately," Lynch said. "I think I have about 20 now."

While "Glee" fans --dubbed "Gleeks" -- got to see the softer side of Sue in one recent episode, Lynch said viewers shouldn't be expecting to see any more of that for a while, though an upcoming introduction of one of Sue's family members may give the audience some insight into her cantankerous personality.

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