Top 10 for 2002

From the onset, these two train-wreck relationships seemed doomed. As I mentioned previously, Angelina became a mother and changed her priorities. Billy Bob has been married four times and has not changed at all. The end.

Nicolas Cage was looking to get close to the King, and since no one's been able to locate him, enter Lisa Marie Presley, the next best thing.

6. Americans Idolize American Idol

What's not to love? A bevy of good-looking young adults littered with talent were brought into our living rooms à la a later-day Star Search minus the chubby Ed McMahon. It featured fierce competition, nail-biting cliffhangers — and plenty of sarcasm and evil-speak, thanks to judge Simon Cowell.

At the end, a star was born. Kelly Clarkson became the first American Idol, and we've already swallowed her whole. Surely we're ready for seconds, which will be served up when the new season starts Jan. 21.

7. Jacko Still Wacko

Michael Jackson dangling his baby over the terrace of a hotel in Germany hardly seems like one of the biggest stories of the year. Perhaps the bigger story was Jackson mysteriously fathering a third child. We still don't know what woman bore Prince Michael II, but we are clearly getting bored with Michael Sr.'s behavior.

8. Liza With a ‘Z’ Marries David With a ‘G’

I don't know who was more taken aback by the marriage of Liza Minnelli and David Gest — those who say they know David or David himself — when he actually woke up the morning after his nuptials next to Liza. The couple insists that he's straight, not to mention a "tiger" in bed. It just seems that everyone in New York's theater circles assumed otherwise and can't shake that perception.

The Gest-Minnelli multimillion-dollar extravaganza of a wedding was like no other. Nothing could've prepared the public for the heinous People magazine photo of the couple with the couple's Best Man and Matron of Honor — Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor. The fold-out of the gruesome foursome made even shutterbugs shutter.

9. The Big Fat Deal Over My Big Fat Greek Wedding

You'd think this was the greatest thing since the advent of The Clapper. It's almost made as much money! Cute, yes sireee, but certainly not the be-all, end-all the film community has made it out to be. I think what fascinates people the most is that it doesn't require huge budgets and star power to make a good movie. It requires a good script and good acting. A lesson learned and cash made. Of course it never hurts to have Tom Hanks backing you up!

10. Our Losses We said goodbye to some of our elders: James Coburn, Richard Harris, Rosemary Clooney, Milton Berle, Billy Wilder, Lionel Hampton and Rod Steiger. Sadly, we also bid adieu to some who were not so old: Robert Urich, Dudley Moore, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez, Jam Master Jay and Ted Demme, to name a few. Great talent is hard to find and we'll miss them all.

And so it goes … I for one am glad it went. But alas, there's always next year.

I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season.

Heidi Oringer is director of entertainment programming at ABCNEWS Radio.

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