Spielberg: Big Brother's Already Watching

Anderton goes underground to try to alter his own apparent destiny. To hide his identity, he locates a shady doctor who replaces his eyes, allowing him to escape the ever-present retinal scans.

A Jones for Indy Sequel

Spielberg worked with a think tank of scientists, urban planers, architects and futurist writers, including Generation X author Douglas Coupland, to consider every aspect of human life half a century from now, down to how humans will brush their teeth.

Coupland contributed such ideas as the "Sick Stick" (a police weapon that causes involuntary vomiting), spray-on meat (for snacks), and genetically boosted cats (who grow as big as dogs).

"George Orwell's prophecy really comes true, not in the 20th century but in the 21st," Spielberg says. "Big Brother is watching us now and what little privacy we have will completely evaporate in 20 or 30 years, because technology will be able to see through walls, through rooftops, into the very privacy of our personal lives, into the sanctuary of our families."

As for Spielberg's own immediate future, it's much rosier, even though his last film — A.I. Artificial Intelligence, another bleak vision of the future — drew mixed reviews and a disappointing box-office tally. He told reporters that plans are firming up for the next Indiana Jones movie, and that he'll be re-teaming with George Lucas and Harrison Ford.

"There was always going to be a fourth Indiana Jones, starting about four years ago, and we just weren't able to agree on the story," he says.

"We finally have a story and Frank Darabont is going to write it and we're going to start shooting in May or June of 2004 and it's coming out for the July Fourth holiday weekend on 2005," Spielberg says.

"The only thing that'll change that is the unforeseen. But Harrison's committed, I'm committed, George is committed and we're all really gung-ho to do it."

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