Incubus Ready to Rock 'n' Roll All Night

Boyd's female fans may focus more on his good looks, but he insists he's not pandering to that when he takes his shirt off on stage or in videos. That's his way of feeling comfortable, which makes sense considering he grew up on the beach.

"Perfect Time" for Music to Be Out While some bands are reconsidering tour dates, given the current political climate, Incubus knew they could not hold up their fall tour plans or album release.

"It's the perfect time for music to be a focal point," said Boyd. "Music is a form of rebellion."

And they gave New York fans the chance to rant and rebel just days after the attack, when the group went ahead with a planned concert.

"[The attackers] want everything to shut down," said Boyd. "They want everything that they know to be our ideals and our standards to be short cutted, and by us putting out the records, we're going, 'no, that's not how it works.'"

Kilmore said the attack made him even more grateful to have the chance to perform and do what he loves. The band is also hopeful their songs will help people heal.

"I think our music would maybe inject some positivity in this weird time," said Einziger. "Because all of our music pretty much is tinged with hope."

— Nancy Chandross

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