Film Notes: Liv Tyler Talks 'McCool's'

Warning: Don't fall in love with this woman.

The men in the dark comedy One Night at McCool's could save themselves a lot of trouble if they kept their distance from the alluring Liv Tyler.

She plays a con artist who manages to attract unsuspecting men, and then steal big-ticket items like their homes. The guys are played by Paul Reiser, Matt Dillon, Michael Douglas and John Goodman.

The redheaded Tyler romps around in leopard high heels for the role and says she enjoyed all the scheming.

"She's so full of energy and she's always thinking about the next thing. You can see it on her face every time she's in a scene — like it's never just what's happening then — she's already on to the next thing," said Tyler.

Return to Witch Mountain

If it works once, why not try it again. That's the sort of thinking that has Hollywood churning out boatloads of remakes, including the upcoming Planet of the Apes.

Next in line is an updated version of Escape to Witch Mountain, which delighted kiddies in the 1970s. The original story featured a pair of siblings with telekinetic powers.

Disney (parent company of ABCNEWS) is producing the film from screenwriter Adam Kulakow, who promises to preserve "some of the core magic" from the original while bringing it up to date.

Oscar-Sized Donation

As you may recall, this year's Oscar telecast brought an added incentive for the winners to keep their speeches brief: The person with the shortest speech would win a $2500 high-defination TV.

The prize went to Michael Dudok de Wit, who won the Oscar for Best Animated Short. He proved his skills at brevity by giving an 18-second thank you.

The animator also didn't keep the set for too long. He's donated it to a home for abused children in Los Angeles. "I'm delighted that Hollygrove can make use of it," said de Wit.

He also says he wasn't trying to win the set when he gave his quickie speech — he's just not a talker.

ABCNEWS Radio and's Buck Wolf and Nancy Chandross contributed to this report.