The '70s Call Hudson Back

Kate Hudson may not have won an Oscar, but she has emerged victorious from a bidding war. The 21-year-old star has scored the lead in Last Call, a romantic comedy that had Warner Bros. and Walt Disney studio execs fighting for the film rights

(Mr. Showbiz is owned by the Walt Disney Co.)

Taking a cue from her Oscar-nominated Almost Famous performance, Hudson will return to the '70s for Call, The Hollywood Reporter notes. Hudson could probably ask her mother, veteran actress Goldie Hawn, for some tips; the role will require her to play a heavenly disco-era starlet who goes to Earth to abduct a Howard Stern-like shock-radio host.

The script — created by Boston Public writers Daniel Cohn, Jeremy Miller, and Alicia Martin — sends Hudson's character and a '40s grifter to pick up the shock jock. The male lead has not yet been cast.

Hudson appears with Wes Bentley in the upcoming war drama Four Feathers.

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