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World Series-winning Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling arrived for his interview two days after ankle surgery and in a wheelchair. He did not believe in the curse said to have shrouded the Boston Red Sox since 1918. He did, however, think there was a curse of talent.

It was his first year pitching for the Red Sox and Schilling admitted he was scared to death to go on the pitching mound. He told Walters, "Fear of failure is a tremendous motivator for people that have achieved things in their lives ... fear of getting beat, getting embarrassed. I have so much respect for the game and the guys that I suit up with. And you want their respect at the end of day."

Midwestern Muckraker Michael Moore

Controversial filmmaker Michael Moore stirred the political pot with his film "Fahrenheit 9/11," the highest-grossing documentary film ever made. He attributes the film's success to people's hunger for information. "I think people are hungry for information, and they're not getting it, even though we have 24-hour cable news, and what I try to do in my films is give them information and a viewpoint that they are not getting in the mainstream media," he tells Walters.

He says he thinks his film may have swayed independent voters or undecided Democrats to vote for John Kerry in the presidential race, but acknowledged it did little to win over Bush supporters. "The film probably contributed to a much larger turnout amongst people who were inclined to vote for Kerry. Obviously, it just wasn't enough people," he said.

Moore told Walters he was devastated when Kerry lost to George W. Bush. "I wasn't happy, I'll tell you that," he said. "I rolled out of bed three days later."

Moore says Democrats need to find a likable Hollywood candidate to run for national office. "Where is our Ronald Reagan? Where is our Arnold Schwarzenegger? Americans love Hollywood. They love celebrities. And, and we have to start running some of our own. ... Tom Hanks. Who wouldn't vote for Tom Hanks?"

R&B and Killer Abs -- Usher

R&B superstar Usher made history this year by selling more records than any other artist. He grew up in the South singing in a church choir. With the guidance of his mother, who is also his manager, he garnered four No. 1 hit singles this year and won more than 25 awards. Usher confided to Walters about his relationship with Chili Thomas from T.L.C.

He acknowledged that he cheated on Thomas but says the songs on his album "Confessions" aren't all autobiographical. "It's just a coincidence and timing. Some of it is real, I can't say all of it," he said.

World's Hottest Hotel Heiress -- Paris Hilton

Heiress and reality TV star Paris Hilton also had a tumultuous year. Her book made The New York Times' best-seller list, she had a hit TV show and her celebrity was taken to another level with a scandalous private videotape.

Hilton told Walters why she believes the public finds her so fascinating. "I think because at such a young age, I've accomplished so much. I have a book out on The New York Times best-sellers list. I'm doing an album. I have movies. And I don't know I think just people see me all the time so they think it's like a fantasy life," she said.

And the infamous sex tape? Walters asked Hilton what she was thinking.

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