The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2007

She also has a career in fashion, with the couple's DVB line. "I'm not one of these celebrities that'll just put my name on anything," she said. "I love to create."

Victoria often makes headlines for her weight and how slim she is, but she attributes her small size to being "very, very health-conscious," she said. "I've never been one to eat lots of junk food."

The Beckhams have frequently been photographed with another power couple: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

"They are the nicest family," said Victoria, adding that Cruise never tried to introduce the Beckhams to Scientology. "They have their beliefs, but they have never, ever tried to press those on us. We're just, we're friends. We have a laugh with them. And they're just very kind wonderful people."

Something else that makes the Beckhams stand out in Hollywood? They have been married for eight years, and together for 10.

"I think that's great, and for the two of us to still be able to not just love each other but, but to really still laugh after so many years is really important," said Victoria.

Is this relationship forever? "Of course it is," said David. "We wouldn't have got married if it wasn't."

Justin Timberlake: 'So Far, So Great'

This year Justin Timberlake has been showing us why he's the new king of pop, bringing "sexy back" with four No. 1 singles, four movies, a hit album and a sold-out tour — not to mention a racy little skit he and comic Andy Samberg did for "Saturday Night Live." In it, two cocky singers package their packages as Christmas gifts for their girlfriends.

How does he describe the skit for which he won an Emmy?

"Well you know, I think it's a thoughtful Christmas gift for somebody …" Timberlake said, laughing.

And as for bringing sexy back, where had it gone?

"I have no earthly idea," Timberlake joked to Walters.

Justin Randall Timberlake was born 26 years ago in a small town near Memphis, Tenn. At age 11, he went on the talent show "Star Search." He lost, but the following year he was cast on "The Mickey Mouse Club," and at 14 he joined the boy band N'Sync. It became one of the biggest bands in the world.

After seven years, Timberlake, the breakout star of the group, left to write and produce his own sound. Many dismissed him as a pretty face and his music as shallow pop, a description he didn't like.

"I was … 20 years old and wanted to get as far away from that as possible," he told Walters.

Now, he said, "pop is short for popular, so … I don't think you can be too sad about, about being in that category."

Solo, Timberlake became a megastar. He's the only former boy-bander who's even hotter on his own. And at a time when music sales are declining, Timberlake's are bigger than ever.

Timberlake once said that being on stage is the closest thing to a holy experience he could imagine.

"It becomes, kind of a meditation to be on stage," he said. "It's about having a moment or a dialogue with the crowd. However small or large they may be."

Timberlake's personal life has also been on the upswing in the last year. After two very public relationships — and two very public breakups — first with Britney Spears and then with Cameron Diaz, now there's a new relationship, with actress Jessica Biel.

"She's a wonderful, wonderful person," Timberlake said.

When asked whether he thinks it will last, Timberlake said, "Well, I'll work on that."

So far so good?

"So far, so great," he said.

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