At Sundance: Sex and Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll


The story: Super Size Me's Morgan Spurlock has gone from studying the effects of an all-McDonald's diet to visiting remote mountain regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan to find out why the USA hasn't yet captured or killed the al-Qaeda terrorist leader. "I'd like to think it's the funniest movie ever made about terrorism," Spurlock says. "I think if you can make people laugh about something that's really difficult, you can make people listen."

Of note: He says the movie is a travelogue of some of the world's most dangerous territory.

Sunshine Cleaning

Whom it's for: Chick-flick fans, with dark sides.

The story: Emily Blunt (the snarky fashionista assistant in The Devil Wears Prada) and Amy Adams (the perky star of Enchanted) play struggling sisters doing the dirty work of crime-scene clean-up. "I play a sort of pothead who won't get herself out of a rut," Blunt says. "Amy is an uptight, determined mother of a young boy, and she was always the protector who had to glue the family back together. She's kind of neurotic. … You can imagine those scenes where we're confronted with guts — and each other."

Of note: Little Miss Sunshine Oscar winner Alan Arkin as their scheming, ne'er-do-well father.

The Great Buck Howard

Whom it's for: Showbiz fans, psychics with blind spots.

The story: A law-school dropout (Colin Hanks) gets a job in Hollywood as personal assistant to a semi-well-known psychic entertainer (John Malkovich) who insists he's not a magician — he's a mentalist! Mounting a comeback is easier said than done as the arrogant has-been clashes with his new hire. "He's kind of a strange man. He really lives for his public, I suppose," Malkovich says. "He's quite crabby at times. Quite fake, often — but also sort of funny, in a very childish, sort of narcissistic way."

Of note: Colin's father, Tom, in a cameo as the young man's cranky dad.

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