Celibate Celebs Reclaim Their Innocence

"There have always been squeaky clean young images being sold to America to pacify the masses afraid that rebels and 'sluts' will corrupt the new generation," Michael Gusto, Village Voice gossip columnist, told ABCNEWS.com via e-mail. "Sometimes these images are truthful, other time they're based on hype alone."

And while paparazzi and reporters are always ready to ask these young stars about their sex lives – the details remain fuzzy. The stars say they're virgins, but what does that really mean?

"We all have different definitions about what sex is and what abstinence means," said New York-based sex expert Logan Levkoff. "Is sex just about vaginal intercourse, or does it include oral or anal sex?"

"The fact is that teenagers are finding ways to get around the idea of virginity, because for them it means only vaginal intercourse," Levkoff said.

Levkoff, who believes there is a big modesty movement as a result of the "hyper-sexualized world," said that while parents may be pleased their kids are looking up to celibate stars, they should think twice.

"Just because they say they won't do something doesn't mean they're not going to," he said. "Inevitably, people make all different decisions as they grow up, and they're entitled to do that."

"I think these teen stars need to be a little realistic," Levkoff added. "Their fan base probably knows that [holding hands and kissing] isn't the only thing they're doing."

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