When Celebrity Help Strikes Back

"With celebrities, I will have additional clauses in my agreements that say not only does everything done in the home stay in the home, but you can't talk with other employees about confidential info you may have learned," he added. "You can't say, 'Oh, so-and-so just signed a big movie deal,' or 'So-and-so are getting a divorce.'"

Lowe is no stranger to scandal. After the 1988 Democratic National Convention in Atlanta, a sex tape surfaced featuring him and two young women, one of them just 16. The controversy that followed nearly ruined his career.

"He's trying to send a message that any potential accusations about him are false and he takes it seriously enough that he's going to do something about it," New York-based lawyer Jay Warren said. "The other reason to do this is to send a message to others who may have worked for him saying, 'I expect you to take your confidentiality agreements seriously.' He's upping the ante to say, 'This stuff isn't just false, it's really false, and I'm willing to take the risk of being questioned in court.'"

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