The Movies' New King of Comedy Strikes Again

Creating A Musical Vampire

Fans of the short-lived 1990's TV show "Freaks and Geeks" will remember Segel's proclivity for music. It was that leaning that produced one of the more memorable sequences from "Sarah Marshall," a musical Dracula puppet story, with the vampire in the hero role. The musical was written with an entirely different intention. Segel recalls: "This is embarrassing. That wasn't particularly written for this movie. In this terrible out of work period I thought I would re-launch my career by putting on a lavish Dracula puppet musical. My problem was, though, I was doing it without any sense of iron, like I thought it was going to be a very serious piece. And I played it for Judd. And Judd started laughing. And I got really hurt."

This won't be the last puppet story for Segel. "Nick Stoller, the [Sarah Marshall] director and I are writing the new Muppet movie for Disney, which is my dream come true, honest to God, so I'm very excited about it," he said.

Remembering Your Favorite Moments

Asked to share their favorite moments from "Sarah Marshall," Apatow and Segal recall: "There's a scene in the movie, where Jason's ex-girlfriend suddenly decides she wants him back," says Apatow, "and she wants to make love to him and he is unable to, because he's fallen out of love with her and they keep trying. And I like it because it's really dirty and it's really sweet and heartbreaking at the same time that it's just…it's over. Their moment is over and they're trying and it all goes terribly wrong."

"For me," Segel says, "the scene that makes me smile, not because it's funny but because it makes me feel like we made a really good movie. Throughout most of the beginning of the film, you're convinced that this is just the villainous ex-girlfriend and then, all of a sudden, there's a scene where I kind of confront her about cheating and 'I wish you would just try harder,' I say. And she flips the switch and says, 'You don't think I tried? I've tried everything. You wouldn't get off the couch, you know. I wanted to bring you with me and you wouldn't come along.' And all of a sudden, the movie becomes more complicated and it becomes a movie about how…how relationships really…they're a very fluid thing and nobody's to blame. And when I watch that scene, I smile, because I feel like we made a good movie."

"Forgetting Sarah Marshall" opens on Friday April 18.

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