Sheen vs. Richards, Blow-by-Blow

Aug. 7, 2007: Sheen tells "Entertainment Tonight" that Richards wants his sperm. He alleges she sent the following e-mail to his fiance April 3, 2007, provided to by Sheen's representative:

Dear Brooke, I don't want to have a baby with Charlie. I am having a baby in the next year. By myself ... my girlfriend suggested Charlie be the donor. So, I did bring this up to him. There are so many couples having unhealthy children. Charlie and I have very beautiful healthy children together. I was strictly looking for a sperm donor if it's any of your business. If it were him, I said we would sign a document that he couldn't come after me and I couldn't come after him. ... This wasn't to have sex with him, it was him donating. ... That's it. I didn't want him to tell you at this time because it was something very personal that I'm doing myself.

Asked on "Entertainment Tonight" if he would take this alleged offer from Richards seriously, Sheen replies, "I would sooner, in exactly what I'm wearing, walk on the surface of the moon. Does that answer it?"

Aug. 27, 2007: Sheen tells People magazine that his weekend with his fiancee and his kids was "sullied by one of [Richards'] spies" -- aka a court-ordered escort.

Sept. 19, 2007: Richards files documents seeking "the assistance of the court to obtain orders to protect her children" from Sheen, according to her attorney. She accuses Sheen of "an attraction to underage women," providing numerous printouts of porn Web sites he allegedly visited during their marriage. She also claims Sheen's engagement to Mueller is nothing more than a publicity stunt, based on her e-mail correspondence with Mueller. Sheen lashes out at Richards in response, saying she "behaves as though she owns our children. She does not. A day of legal reckoning for her is fast approaching."

Sept. 21, 2007: Sheen's fiancee jumps into the fray, accusing Richards of twisting the truth. Mueller tells People magazine that Richards "begged [she and Sheen] on a few different occasions not to tell the girls we were engaged." Mueller also says Richards edited her e-mails in court filings. "It's a shame that Denise conveniently edited my e-mail correspondence to serve her own interests," Mueller tells People. "She would be both mortified and embarrassed if I released any one of her 40 e-mails to me. But she knows my character and humanity and knows that I would never do such a thing." She goes on to say that Richards' accusations of Sheen's inappropriate conduct and attraction to underage women are "laughable at best."

Sept. 24, 2007: Sheen releases a statement saying the FBI is aware of Richards' child porn allegations against him and has taken no action. "The FBI was aware of these issues," Sheen states. "I provided them with every computer I owned. The computers were returned two weeks later. Haven't heard from them since. Period. The end."

January 2008: Shortly after Richards' gets the green light for her E! reality show, Sheen takes her to court to try to prevent her from including their daughters in the series. He fails.

Feb. 28, 2008: Sheen lashes out against Richards' show, telling People magazine, "I think we should all just boycott the damn thing!"

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