'Hills' Off the Air, but Drama Drags On

"The Hills" may be off-screen for now, but the drama's so not done.

Though MTV's reality soap wrapped its third season May 12, what's going on in the stars' "real" lives is arguably more interesting than what's covered by the cameras: long, meaningful looks exchanged over Pinkberry and vodka Redbulls set to soaring pop ballads.

When we last saw them, Lauren Conrad, 22, and Lo Bosworth, 21, were wondering what to do with removed roommate/third wheel Audrina Patridge, 23. Audrina was back together with on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Brescia (aka Justin-Bobby) and contemplating moving into her own apartment away from the girls. Villains Heidi Montag, 21, and Spencer Pratt, 24, reunited in Las Vegas after being on a "relationship vacation" (her words) for most of the season. In the previews for season four, Whitney Port's boss suggested the 23 year old may want to leave laid-back Los Angeles for high-strung New York if she really wants to make it in fashion PR.

While the cast churns out more drama for next season, blogs and tabloids are fueling the "Hills" frenzy by reporting on the gang's daily moves, no matter how vapid or inconsequential they may seem. The show is MTV's most profitable franchise, and its fans are rabid for new dirt. Believe it or not, inquiring minds want to know why Audrina didn't invite Lauren to her birthday party and whether Heidi's really ready to marry Spencer.

Below, catch up on what's gone down on "The Hills" since the show went off the air:

May 15: Blogger Perez Hilton suggests the rift between Audrina and Lauren is for real -- she may be getting nudged off the show because the two aren't as good friends as they used to be.

May 16: Paparazzi capture Audrina preparing for her first big film role in "Into the Blue 2." Whether or not she can act takes a back seat to her more obvious assets -- she's rumored to have gotten breast implants, and topless photos of her auditioning for Playboy were leaked on the Web earlier this year.

May 18: Audrina Patridge celebrates the big 23 but doesn't invite roomies/frenemies Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth to her bash at Las Vegas' LAX nightclub. (While the three technically live at the same home in Los Angeles, Audrina sleeps in a guesthouse, removed from the gossip and girl-time.) According to In Touch, the roommates celebrated her birthday earlier in May at a low-key L.A. barbecue.

May 22: Paparazzi catch Lauren out on the town with on-again, off-again boyfriend Stephen Colletti. Apparently, they're on again.

May 23: Whether or not she plans to move out, for the time being, Audrina's staying put with Lauren and Lo. Paparazzi capture her leaving her digs smiling and relaxed.

May 25: Brody Jenner (Lauren's one-time love interest and Spencer's ex-best friend) reveals that he and Spence won't go back to being BFF. Their friendship died when Brody took Lauren's side after she accused Spencer and ex-roommate Heidi of spreading a sex-tape rumor about her. "Obviously our friendship will never be the same as it was, but I've never had anything bad to say about him. I love Spencer, and I always will as a friend," he tells People magazine.

Brody also defends his dating habits. "Just because I date just like everyone else does, for some reason they say I'm a serial dater," he says. "I think that's very disrespectful to say because I was raised by my mother and I treat women with respect."

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