Brinkley Forgives Husband's Ex-Mistress

In a stunning climax to a dramatic day of testimony in her high-stakes bitter divorce trial, Christie Brinkley forgave her husband's teenage girlfriend.

"I can't help but think of Diana Bianchi," Brinkley told reporters as she left the courtroom. "I want her and her family to know that I feel for her. I forgive her -- she was manipulated."

Brinkley's words of forgiveness capped a day full of emotional testimony from the supermodel as she described how devastating it was to find out that her architect husband, Peter Cook, had carried on an affair with an 18-year-old girl and spent thousands of dollars a month on Internet porn.

Both sides finished calling witnesses and finished the divorce phase of the trial, with Cook's lawyers agreeing to divorce on the grounds of adultery and cruel and inhuman punishment without admitting to all the claims made by Brinkley. On Monday, the two sides begin the next phases -- custody and assets -- of the trial.

Courtroom sketch

In dramatic court testimony this morning, Christie Brinkley took the stand in her divorce trial and reprised the confrontation with her cheating husband the day she found out about his affair with an 18-year-old girl.

The supermodel, in a blue sweater over a light-blue shirt and perfectly coiffed blond hair, turned and faced Peter Cook, in tears, and clenched her fists as she recounted asking him, "How could you? How could you?"

She held her hands out toward him before a hushed crowd at her divorce trial as she recounted the shock of being told about the affair by the teenager's police officer stepfather after she gave a commencement speech in Southampton, N.Y., on June 25, 2006.

"And I looked at Peter. And he was just whispering, 'No, no,'" she sobbed. "I knew from his face that the feelings I'd been trying not to feel were true. I felt my knees were going to buckle."

When they got home, Brinkley demanded the car keys from Cook so she could drive to the police station to question the teenager's stepfather, she recounted. When Cook refused to turn over the keys, she recalled grabbing the pocket of his shirt, one of his favorite pieces of clothing, and said, "I'll tear your shirt if you won't let me do this. And he got out."

Holding her hands to the side of her head, Brinkley sobbed as she recalled driving away in tears. "I started driving away from my perfect life. I thought I had the picket fence," she said.

She was so upset that she pulled over to the side of the road, got out of the car and started sobbing on her hands and knees.

"The car door was open, but Christie was lying on the ground, huddled over, her hands on her knees, sobbing but almost catatonic," testified her friend Jill Rappaport, who came to take care of her for several days.

"I can't believe this is happening to me," Brinkley told Rappaport, who recounted that Brinkley's knees were bloodied by the groveling.

Brinkley claimed that when she got home, the master bedroom was a mess and that money had been taken from the safe by Cook, who she said left behind only some jewelry and the couple's passports.

In a shocked voice, Brinkley recounted demanding Cook's computer passwords and usernames, and her subsequent search revealed Cook's admitted fascination with the deepest, most depraved parts of the Internet.

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