Who's Who: Casting 'Election 2008: The Movie'

There was so much drama, it's hard to believe the main characters were competing for an office, not an Oscar.

Which is why it only seems natural for Election '08 to be immortalized onscreen. If the tale of a rat-sized dog from Beverly Hills can rule the box office for two weeks in a row, surely, the saga of one of America's most emotional presidential races can draw audiences to theaters.

Provided, of course, the proper Hollywood people are put in the roles of the prominent political players. Below, see who movie industry insiders say should play whom in "Election 2008: The Movie."

Barack Obama

Potential Obamas: Will Smith, Don Cheadle.

Avy Kaufman, casting director, Avy Kaufman Casting (casted "Baby Mama," "What Happens in Vegas," "Syriana"; currently working on "The Lovely Bones"): He's got such heart. For [Barack] Obama, I'd say Will Smith. He's a bit obvious, but he's got the chops. And he doesn't look like him, but Jeffrey Wright, who's in the new James Bond movie, is a good bet. He'd be a break-out. Then, of course, there's Denzel [Washington]. That's almost too perfect.

Sarah Finn, casting director, Sarah Finn Co. (casted "W.," "Iron Man," "Crash"; currently working on "Iron Man 2"): For Obama, the first person that comes to mind is Don Cheadle. He has the gravitas, the elegance, the warmth. Always cast the best possible actor you can. For Obama, Don is it. Now could you play a Don Cheadle off a Tina Fey as Palin? Maybe not. But Don would be perfect.

Emil Wilbekin, editor in chief, Giant magazine: Chiwetel Ejiofor -- he was in "Kinky Boots" and "Talk to Me," he's a British actor. He has great poise and confidence, I think he could really portray Barack and all of his swagger, his leadership role. Chiwetel is a very charismatic actor. He could really capture that part of Barack's personality. And he's calm. I get Will Smith because of the ears but I just think, "What about a change?"

Michelle Obama

Kerry Washington and Sanaa Lathan could compete to play the future first lady.

Wilbekin: Kerry Washington, hands down. She is beautiful, she's smart, she actually helped campaign for Barack. She, like Michelle, has an inner strength. Her personality seems in keeping with Michelle's -- very strong, very confident.

Kit Bowen, managing editor, Hollywood.com: Kerry Washington, one of those up and coming actresses, I think she could handle playing someone very stately. Michelle's a tough nut, in a good way, and I think Kerry could play her that way, she could take charge.

Finn: There's this actress named Sanaa Lathan, she's stunning, smart, composed. She'd be a perfect glamorous, elegant Michelle. But also, the stage actress Audra McDonald could be a perfect regal, forthright, fearless Michelle.

Joe Biden

Sam Shepherd and James Cromwell could be candidates to play Biden.

Finn: Sam Shepherd. Biden's got this very verbal, articulate thing going on, and Sam can do that effortlessly.

Bowen: Harrison Ford as Joe Biden, next to Will Smith as Obama, wouldn't that be great? He can embody that career politician persona.

Wilbekin: James Cromwell. He played George Bush Sr. in "W." I think he's very smart, very calming, and I think he could walk the line of being this great orator while running away at the mouth. He's got the poise that Biden has, he's got the look and he's also warm.

Sarah Palin

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