Lillo Brancato From Jail: 'The Drugs Always Win'

Racing to the scene, Officer Courtney Mapp saw Brancato and Armento staggering down the Arnow Place driveway. Both had gunshot wounds. Armento was still holding his .357 magnum as he collapsed. Yards away, his gun in his hand, Enchautegui was dying -- cut down by two bullets from Armento's gun.

'I Am a Good and Decent Person'

For his involvement in Enchautegui's death, Armento would be sentenced to life without parole. The charges against Brancato were attempted burglary and felony murder. For Brancato, the murder charge would hinge on whether he knew Armento had a gun.

Brancato said he didn't know and that he wouldn't have permitted a weapon in his car.

"I mean, he knew that I wasn't that type of person," Brancato said. "So he probably never told me or showed me that he had a gun because he knew that that's something that I would be against and I wouldn't allow it in my car."

Mapp, the officer on the scene, doesn't buy that excuse.

"He may be a junkie, but he's not a dummy," Mapp said. "He knew what was going on that night. Whether he pulled the trigger or not, he committed that murder along with his buddy."

In the end, a jury found Brancato guilty of attempted burglary, but not guilty of felony murder.

"It was a slap in my face," said Yolanda Rosa, Enchautegui's sister.

In his message of remorse read before sentencing, Brancato wrote, "While I have made mistakes, at my core, I am a good and decent person." Brancato was sentenced to 10 years, three of which he has already served.

From the man who created "A Bronx Tale," Palminteri, there is deep sympathy -- but solely for Enchautegui's family. For Brancato, there is frustration -- and anger.

"He said those words in the movie. I wrote those words. 'The saddest thing in life is wasted talent and the choices you make will shape your life forever,'" Palminteri said. "I mean, what else do you want to hear? What else do you want to know?! How could you do this? How?"

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