Carradine's Family Speaks Out for First Time Since Death

A forensics expert hired by the family of actor David Carradine said that he does not believe the "Kung Fu" star committed suicide and that more information from Thai authorities is needed before a cause of death is determined.

"The autopsy findings and the evidence thus far available demonstrate that Mr. Carradine's death was not the result of suicide," said a statement by Dr. Michael Baden that was read today to reporters in Los Angeles by David Zutler of Zutler Special Services.

"However, to reach a final determination as to the cause and the manner of death we must wait for further information from Thailand as to the scene findings and the completion of the crime laboratory and toxicology studies that are still being performed," said Baden in the statement.

VIDEO: Thai police are investigating his death as a potential murder.

The language of Baden's conclusion did not rule out contentions by Carradine's family that he may have been the victim of a crime.

Carradine's brothers, Keith and Robert Carradine, also read prepared statements, marking the first time the actor's family members have spoken out since Carradine's body was found hanging in a Bangkok hotel room closet June 4.

Keith Carradine called his brother's death a "devastating loss" for his family and thanked fans for their "compassion."

Robert Carradine added, "Until we have all of the pending results of the investigation we respectfully ask that we be allowed to lay our beloved brother, husband and father, grandfather and great-grandfather to rest in peace and with dignity.

"Once the investigation is fully completed and definitive conclusions have been reached, we will address the findings with the public," Robert Carradine added. "Thank you for your understanding during this profoundly painful time."

When the remains of Carradine arrived in Los Angeles earlier this week, a grainy photo of his limp body in a Bangkok hotel room -- in what appears to be fishnet and a wig -- raised more questions about his mysterious death.

The photo, which was printed in the tabloid Thai Rath, shows Carradine's body suspended from a bar in a closet.

Police said he was found with his hands bound together above his head and rope around his neck and genitals. Nearby on a bed is what appears to be red women's lingerie.

Transvestite fetishes and thrill-seeking can be an integral part of auto-erotic asphyxia, the deadly sex play that Thai authorities said killed the 72-year-old former "Kung Fu" actor.

But these new details also add fuel to the Carradine family's claims that the actor may have been the victim of a homicide. His body was found hanging by ropes in a closet June 4 in a Bangkok hotel.

And while Thai authorities have ruled the actor's death as a sex play accident -- auto-erotic asphyxia gone wrong, some say the evidence just doesn't add up.

"The thing that I am really questioning is, how was he bound, and how was he able to tie his own hands?" said Robert Dunlap, who interviewed hundreds of people who practice deviant sex behaviors for his 2002 documentary film, "Beyond Vanilla: An Unforgettable Journey Into the Wilder Side of Sex."

"This doesn't look like a solo act at all," he told "In order to have an orgasm, his hands would have had to be free. There is something very peculiar about this."

"You don't dress just for yourself," he said of the photos that revealed women's clothing. "Usually there is some sort of show and someone else is involved. It probably went horribly bad and they left."

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