Summer Movies: It's Sequel Season!


The problem with relying on movies that already have a built-in audience is that it leaves out another part of the audience, namely older adults, who are less interested in special effects than a good story.

"The tragedy is the public wants to be told a great story," Gray said. "Give them a great story, and they will show up. It's the storytelling that captures people's imaginations."

But if you're looking for a great story that's not part of a sequel this summer, you might as well stay home and order up Netflix, because, as Dergarabedian pointed out, "you're not given much choice."

Summers and sequels now go hand-in-hand. Already slated for next summer are the third installments of "Men in Black" and "Madagascar," along with the "Superman" and "Spider-man" reboots.

"The sequel is alive and well in Hollywood and always will be," Dergarabedian said.

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