Taylor Swift Gifts Ed Sheeran Drake-Inspired Needlepoint

PHOTO: Ed Sheeran shows off a needlepoint that was given to him by Taylor Swift on the MTV show, "Nine Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran". PlayMTV
WATCH Taylor Swift's Hipster Needlepoint Gift Goes Viral

New evidence suggests that Taylor Swift is no longer "feeling 22." As demonstrated by a spate of recent DIY projects and her ongoing enthusiasm for cats, she is, indeed, getting in touch with her inner 84-year-old.

The results are enough to warm your heart, your hearth, your home.

A sneak peek at forthcoming MTV documentary "Nine Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran" reveals that Swift, 24, gave Ed Sheeran a Drake-themed needlepoint to commemorate the journey that the smiling singers and recent tour partners have taken together.

While we are unable to recall a time when either star was "at the bottom," they are both now unquestionably "here."

The rapper-themed wall-hanging features a labeled pair of stick figures, music notes and a speech bubble that reads "Legos." It also quotes Sheeran: "The struggle is real."

We are inclined to agree. Lego pieces can be very unwieldy. Ever conscientious, the songstress was sure to cite her sources. Below the inspirational quotes, she threaded "-ED" and "-DRAKE" into the colorful tapestry.

We are confident that she is going to be a very hip octogenarian.