Behind the Velvet Ropes: What Really Happened When Tiger Woods Hit Vegas Clubs

They may be nothing more than heavy cords draped between weighty stands, but the velvet ropes at the Las Vegas nightclubs that Tiger Woods frequented stake out a world of debauchery few outsiders can conceive.

Call girls? Got 'em. Drugs? They'll be delivered to the hotel suite. Bottle upon bottle of alcohol? Of course -- often for no cost at all.

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According to insiders, the clubs and lounges of Vegas -- hands down, the most hedonistic nightlife scene in the nation -- roll out the red carpet for their celebrity clientele, including the disgraced pro golfer and his sports star buddies Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. Their wish is the venue's command.

"Sometimes the treatment begins before you even come to Vegas," said Emma Trotter, a Vegas-based entertainment reporter who previously worked for lifestyle and nightlife magazine 944. "If the VIP client wants to arrange to come into Vegas for the weekend, the VIP host at the club of their choosing will arrange everything for them, from the air transport to the limo service to bottle service to VIP entry, plus any extras that they want, like certain types of girls being at their table when they arrive. Sometimes they're pretty girls who are just in the club, sometimes they're models, sometimes they're escorts."

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Stars' requests can get pretty specific. Say Woods wanted a blonde lingerie model, like Jamie Jungers, a brunette porn star, like Veronica Siwik-Daniels aka Joslyn James, and a prostitute, like alleged call girl Loredana Jolie, to greet him at his VIP table? The club -- in his case, usually The Bank, Tao and/or Tryst -- would make it happen.

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"[The celebrity] might say they want 20 girls considered 9s or higher, half brunette half blonde, and the nightclub will make it happen for them," Trotter said.

There's so much competition among Vegas clubs that these women are encouraged to do whatever it takes to keep stars coming back and keep them from getting curious about what's happening next door.

"The girls who work at the nightclubs in Las Vegas are encouraged to sleep with clients," a source intimately familiar with the Vegas nightclub scene told "A celebrity? Forget it. Do what you've got to do to keep him coming back. It's the code in Vegas to not talk about it. Most of them sign contracts to not talk about it. Tiger's favorite clubs were The Bank and Tryst, both known for their discretion with high-end clients. He also liked Tao, where he could throw what basically amounted to a private party in one of the hotspot's skyboxes."

And the girls aren't always the big-busted, sexed-up vixens some might expect.

"Some of these girls look incredibly unassuming, wearing little sundresses and looking innocent," another source, a former VIP hostess in Vegas, told "In a photo, they could look like tourists from Oklahoma or highly educated New Yorkers. At an after-party, they are not shy. If a guy wants something done in front of his friends, it's easily done."

Despite the fact that 11 women have been romantically linked to Woods since reports of his alleged infidelity started last month, according to's first source, he didn't always want to hook up with every Vegas club girl. A true athlete, he reportedly liked the competition.

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