Tiger Woods Takes 'Break From Professional Golf' Amid 'Infidelity,' Prostitute Rumors

The Woods team has been in touch with Woods' sponsors as the scandal has swirled around him, Steinberg said.

"Although there has been considerable inquiry about Tiger's sponsorships, it would be both premature and inappropriate to comment on the status of specific business relationships," Steinberg wrote. "Suffice it to say, we have had thoughtful conversations and his sponsors have been open to a solution-oriented dialogue. Of course, each sponsor has unique considerations and ultimately, the decisions they make we would fully understand and accept."

Woods, Nordegren Bound for Sweden?

In his statement Friday, Woods did not comment on reports that he and Nordegren, who is Swedish, might travel to Sweden to hash out their problems.

Swedish newspapers last week confirmed that Nordegren had purchased a $2 million home on an island off Stockholm, reachable only by boat.

"Tiger is going to Sweden with his wife, and they want to leave as soon as possible," a close friend of Nordegren's told ABCNews.com -- though subsequent reports suggested the trip to Sweden is not a certainty.

Whether the couple will seek a divorce remains a question.

People magazine and several Swedish papers have reported that Nordegren will not seek a divorce, but the friend told ABC News that Nordegren is waiting until all the allegations of infidelity come out.

Another friend told People magazine, "She's a child of divorce, and that's not something she's likely going to want to do. She really believes in the importance of parents staying together."

The friend who spoke to ABC News.com said, "[Elin's] not rushing to divorce. ... She's going to take her sweet time. She wants all the dirty laundry to be out on the table before she signs anything."

Reports Tie Woods to Prostitutes

That pile of dirty laundry grew Friday amid allegations from Hollywood madam Michelle Braun that she arranged meetings with Woods and at least four prostitutes from 2006 to 2007 for a total cost of $60,000, according to the New York Post.

"Tiger has been one of Michelle's clients for years," private investigator Dan Hanks, who worked for Braun, checking her clients' backgrounds, told ABCNews.com.

Hanks, who had access to Braun's client list and spoke with Braun earlier this week about Woods, said he knew of an occasion in which Woods hired three prostitutes at one time for an evening in Las Vegas.

Nordegren was totally blindsided by accusations that Woods carried on affairs with as many as a dozen women, her friend said.

"Elin had absolutely no idea whatsoever that there were any mistresses until very recently," she said.

"Tiger was always traveling, but [Nordegren] had too much to do taking care of their family, properties, travel and finances to babysit her husband. Of course, she had enormous amounts of help, but she likes to be hands on. She trusted her husband as he traveled the world.

"The things he did were so immature that it wouldn't have crossed her mind that that's what he was doing," the friend said. "Staying out all night with these party girls in Vegas? She can't believe it. If they went backwards in time, she wouldn't change a thing about what she did. It would never occur to her that he'd be doing all of these terrible things with her and the babies at home."

Nordegren and Woods married in 2004. Together they have a daughter Sam, 2, and a son Charlie, 10 months.

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