What's This New Trend of Celebrities Wearing Shirts with Other Celebs on Them?

PHOTO: Andrew Garfield arrives at LAX airport wearing a shirt featuring a photo of Michael J. Fox in Los Angeles, Calif. on June 11, 2014.

So, "The Amazing Spider-Man" himself, Andrew Garfield, paid tribute to Michael J. Fox on Wednesday in Los Angeles by sporting a shirt with the actor's face on it from way back when.

Garfield once gushed about Fox to Empire magazine that "'Teen Wolf' [a movie Fox starred in] is one of my favorite films of all time. If I’ve had a terrible day and am feeling down in the dumps, I can put on 'Teen Wolf' and by the time he’s doing a handstand on the top of Stiles’ truck, I’m giddy and pretty much crying with joy."

Garfield also called Fox "the master."

But the young actor, 30, isn't the first star to pay homage to another celebrity by wearing a shirt with their face on it. See others who have continued this trend.

PHOTO: Ryan Gosling was spotted wearing a t-shirt with Macaulay Culkins photo on it when he stopped for gas on March 22, 2013 in Studio City, Calif.
Ryan Gosling

Earlier this year, "The Notebook" actor wore a shirt that had a Life magazine image on it of Macaulay Culkin back when he was a famous child actor. This led Culkin to follow suit and do this ...

PHOTO: Macaulay Culkin is seen wearing a shirt featuring a picture of Ryan Gosling wearing a a shirt with a picture of Culkin on it in a photo posted to the @cheesedayz Twitter account on May 11, 2014.
Macaulay Culkin

Culkin came right back and wore a t-shirt of Gosling wearing the shirt of himself. Yeah, try not to think about it too long, it gets confusing.

PHOTO:Justin Bieber wears a shirt with a picture of Tiffani Thiessen to the MuchMusic Video Awards on June 19, 2011 in Toronto, Canada.
George Pimentel/WireImage/Getty Images
Justin Bieber

In 2011, way before all the drama, Justin Bieber gave a shout out to Tiffani Thiessen and her iconic "Saved by the Bell" character Kelly Kapowski by wearing a shirt with Kapowski on it for the MuchMusic Video Awards. Again, in response to this offering, Thiessen went ahead and ...

PHOTO: Tiffani Thiessen wears a shirt with Justin Biebers picture to a screening of "Horrible Bosses" in New York City on June 23, 2011.
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images
Tiffani Thiessen

She did the same thing and wore a Justin Bieber shirt to a screening of "Horrible Bosses," also in 2011.

"I'm just trying to show the love back [to Justin]," Thiessen told nymag.com.

But the man who topped them all is ...

PHOTO: Nicholas Cage was seen wearing a shirt that appears to feature a drawing of his own face in this photo posted to the Guns N Roses Instagram account on June 8, 2014.
Nicolas Cage!

The iconic actor wore a picture of HIMSELF while hanging backstage at a Guns N' Roses' concert in Las Vegas in early June 2014.

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