The 7 Most Unrealistic Moments From the 'Sharknado 2' Trailer

Go On Set of Sharknado 2

It's almost here - "Sharknado 2: The Second One" will air July 30, so SyFy has released a teaser clip and it's glorious.

It's also ridiculous as you would expect from a sequel based off sharks flying in a tornado attacking people, just this time in New York City as opposed to Los Angeles.

Here are the most unrealistic moments from the 3-minute trailer:

1 - What? The Subway is Running During a 'Sharknado'

If there's a "Sharknado" coming, the subway system would be shut down! New York City trains were shut down days before Hurricane Sandy two years ago. In a real-life emergency, the MTA took proper precautions to avoid any injuries from riding the subway during a natural catastrophe. They would definitely shut things down with a tornado full of angry, man-eating sharks coming.

2 - New Yorkers Would Never Rush Into an Empty Subway Car

The subway car was empty before Ian Ziering, Mark McGrath and Vivica A Fox, along with about 50 other people, file onto the train. Any New Yorker will tell you - "If you see an empty subway car, don't get in!"

3 - Deep Conversations in The Subway!?

During the ride, Ziering and McGrath have a very deep, poignant conversation about family and love. Um, this does not happen on the subway and if it does, people stare at you like the plague!

4 - Subway Performers Do NOT Sit Down

In the middle of the clip, there is a guitarist SITTING DOWN, playing on the train. Look, this guy is no "showtime," but any New Yorker knows the subway performers are aggressive and never take a seat.

5 - New Yorkers Do Not Randomly Talk to Each Other on the Subway

When the group hears a noise, which inevitably is a shark about to attack, some random guy just starts talking, saying "It's probably a rat" or a hipster. You never talk to strangers on the subway, not for safety reasons, but because no one wants to!

6 - Celebs who Take the Train Do It Quietly

Towards the end of the clip, Perez Hilton is seen waiting for the train, making a big fuss. Any celebrity waiting on the subway would do it quietly so as not to get bothered.

7 - Subway Cars Are Not Paper Mache!

When the shark attacks, he rips through the subway car like a hot knife through butter. The sharks in "Sharknado" are scary, but there's no way they could do that so easily.

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