Everything to Know About the Upcoming 'Wonder Woman' Movie

PHOTO: Gal Gadot is seen here as Wonder Woman along with Henry Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."PlayCourtesy Warner Bros.
WATCH Gal Gadot Is 'Starting a Trend' With Wonder Woman

It's no spoiler that Wonder Woman steals the show in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."

Critics and fans alike have raved about Gal Gadot's turn as the superhero and Justice League heroine.

Entertainment Weekly was able to snag some first look photos and information that dive into her origin story, which will most definitely be featured in the follow-up movie, "Wonder Woman," slated to hit theaters in summer of 2017.

Here's what you need to know:

Patty Jenkins - The "Monster" director will be at the helm of this much-hyped movie, which will also star Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright and Lisa Loven Kongsli as the other warriors that help mold Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman).

Themyscira - This is the island where Diana was raised and trained by the other female warriors. The movie's filming took place on islands near Italy and southern China to give the right look and feel.

Lack of Men - No men live on the island. Diana's mother wants to keep her away from the outside world, while Wright's character has other plans. The main thing the three deities agree on is they love Diana unconditionally.

The Look - The photo EW obtained is exceptional. Gadot has her sword and shield, but not the classic Wonder Woman attire just yet. Wright looks to be carrying a bow, while the others have a spear and another sword.

“To me, they shouldn’t be dressed in armor like men,” Jenkins told the magazine. “It should be authentic and real—and appealing to women.”

High Heels - The women wear high heels and while Jenkins said they have flats for the epic battles, she added, "I, as a woman, want Wonder Woman to be hot as hell, fight bada--, and look great at the same time."