'Bachelorette' Forecast: Backstabbing and breakdowns

ABC News' Brad Mielke, Mel Griffin, Joi-Marie McKenzie and Emily Shapiro recap the latest episode of "The Bachelorette."
23:35 | 06/20/17

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Transcript for 'Bachelorette' Forecast: Backstabbing and breakdowns
Had a low bachelor nation happy Tuesday and welcome to the bachelor forecast the show where every week we breakdown last night's episode we T you look for what's going on this week. And who to want to see whether they'll go home next week I'm Brett milky this is now Griffin and now. We got some news. Well. And this is awesome right here we have some new cupcakes. Barry Barry Barry exciting Georgetown cupcakes for as someone that's forecast cupcakes when he did they did eased after that shell and agree. Would rather passer that's flat on its forecast perhaps we are set to go get want to sit hashing going on this is getting more more elaborate next time will probably have a lid hanging on every play and pride of and that's. It break your. There are fast. And high what's going down Ian. Start. Yeah that's right are calling this show blow ups and backstabbing that it rate. On loans. That should a lot of a letter racing knowing any look. Back upper hand off. Let's talk a little bit about the first back stab that we solve its Ang Lee and Kenny I mean this is this all the sudden. Note to Mario's Gundy still believe there being this kind conniving guy and I don't apparently he's got as I sent out. Oh I think it was. So route how you know I'm Rachel taught you heard talking about his future it was me. Only walk by and it drops that outlines. The twice came back he comes back. A give me sixty seconds he said sixteen seconds comes back. And I think it's gonna end up biting Lee at one point because you can tell in any sorts of moments. This would be dropped that Z I get that he's usually a weasel and I understand that. But in these cases he's even heightened wiesel at somebody's gonna elect stepped far. And you know all of it all boiled down to a big fight at Kenny had during a cocktail party now. Rachel could Huard fight it became very uncontrolled use talking I think Bryce who went right. Who's right it's well it and it is Condo because she was like here that you can. Literally hear Kenny and Lee you argue you forget there are all in the same house sometimes. Just a wall now making everything area couple Rachel. Is clearly getting extremely upset about the situation about how it gives you guys in the house the night and Rachel starts to ritual starts to break down in tears at one point that we have a clip we do you have act that where Rachel gets very very sad about what the cat and got. I understand the pressures that are going to come when his all of us. Being a black I'm gonna get from us. The precious that I feel about being a black woman and what that is and how. I couldn't segment. It's. I get pressure from so many different ways being in this position. And I don't I did not want to get into all of this and I and I I already know. What people are gonna say about me and judge me for the decisions that I'm making I'm going to be the one who has to deal a fad and nobody else. And that's a lot of. So very emotionally as he Rachel is there any night I really feel or is it there isn't much pressure to agencies and and when playing in house and yet think it's just adds on to pressure that purity feels about. What the USA with decisions that he may come and she keeps an antisense hall let me stress. Let me ask you question as a woman because I don't understand this at all to me start a bachelorette you're the one who gets to make you get to make the decision so let you go home I liked you. But but that's really seem that hit home with her like she did not like explain to me exactly what you think is going after. I think that you know women they get Barry uncontrolled when men. And when there aren't any kind that she's the source of their argument I feel like it like she gets so much pressure because she doesn't know what hatches and lottery act just know how to make it feel better she doesn't know it all she's the centerpiece of the casino control of no control over what's going on and she doesn't want and yet so. But it would experience and she's upset that she feels that she's locates well that's access to the rose ceremony which frank had early wrote ceremony last night and in which we saw I think one of the bigger surprise it's so far. And based Oster on. Not if it's an action and he's gone I it outlets quite a surprise rates in great. And you're really can't tell them a look at an immigrant who they are what these men might be even sell not surprise us. Aaron Tony your actress ceremony and at an exciting dates you know one on 18 and we category. And a great group let's go to our social correspondent Emily Shapira because heavily what are my favorite part this whole episode was watched a lot of these roads look. Terrified about spell. Oh my god that I loved dispelling needy at high in the bachelor rat I would definitely happened in spelling it I think people online London denied it. Here's some people are saying. Abigail pleaded okay spelling team might yet mind dream. Married treated this is my kind of day. If I was about to rat all of the men to teach the SAT in it locked in the mansion I feel the same way that's so important to me in watching the skies look scared when I mean. I loved I think it really it's here is. You can't seem and as I. Not think the press Rachel actually look like ours I partly I had. Scene and he got scared until all the cynic and at what they're doing and to a person all of them got upset and then you heard it starts saying. So you know tickle monster is a doctor earned right now not originally as a lawyer hair spray when it twelve hurled cans about it and you. Twelve year elks. An evening. Add New Zealand air as if it is about right in front of bad news about that was really funny but what does the saying about just I had an ancient silence. Obviously this artist 91 that drove me he enjoyed that yeah yelled Elgin I don't. A lot of talk about this I had someone that just I can you spell air again. I can't help us not talk about him walking out that trophy you. Someone said just I got more cases that the spelling bee trophy and don't get with Rachel that scenes and. I like with as I kept looking at the trophy which by the way here's his reflection. Singh. You. Much of it. Right. Absolutely. Airy. And packing up and hiker found the crowd Alley. Crowd. And an actor. Is speaking right as an act of mountain all done there. Oh. And I. And people online not that jail. I need touch a little bit on the dean di tale because it's close sacking an online people love Rachel and dean together they think they're very key. But I got and I can't gas went to Vegas park on social is that the dean day. It was double standard. That dean is only 25 regional Leonard thirty this. If you look at bringing this up right this idea Jeanne GAAP point five Euro got a look at our talking about sometimes. I mean I think that's I think it's sad because I really like they have such chemistry and he Rachel clearly. Really likes him he opened up their her and you had thought it was a fantastic eight and the one out all eight. This is so much younger guy is while they are integrate well dean retorted eight and got Howe street in talking you know how much younger rightly and is. We haven't we hear from Hillary she treated last night. People talking about thirty Q and twining I'd age difference but didn't say a word when it was trying to city's 23 year old. There's off people calling out Brian you guys summons and Bryant talking eight apps while he's almost Horry. Because it up and he's seen aged older as dean is younger actor Rick Ellis other. App there is it different that the Whitman is older. And and kind of double standard got on Bartlett like east at about six of the traditions yet traditionally it seems like. The bachelorette always listening taller. And maybe a little bit taller older just we are safer in case when you slow when he flipped it. Is younger eat he is ready for an early -- Rafer antley and he seems to well he seemed to reach an island I have a feeling that can come up later that you guys I think that there really in lake Chad everybody thinks they each differences going to be. Something comes up I've always thought that dean is very much this exact restaurant in Zack up front wasn't allowed talking blonde it'll hit it was just smile and say. And into. But few have of course that that very powerful moments with Rachel later now. And you know we really feel that dean had substance like this was the first time we actually felt that he actually it's an offer to regional and really I could feel their action I love and we Celine show. Dean's really great story very it was its curator and you count your dry cats in the room or watching that they wanna think Emily are all our social media excitement and where to go right into showing. What dean had to tell Rachel I think it was the first time. And he told anyone this story. Very very sat out. The bedroom. But his AK mother passed away and he said there's some in my bed and a cassette there's though likely not be influencing in there crying and bad news. Will experience. It was when they're just there. Cash. So yes there then that she passed away and then. Then things kind of go pardon him. Mullah villas are down my sister moved out my father was like not they're very often. Like I have asked myself from fifteen to eighteen. It was it was very challenging. I should just because I have been around them. But yeah that that's just a minute and really I think or especially physical. I cannot mask. It's. Thank you for oh euros Asa the first prisoner opens. It is good to edit it won't own Kenya who. It's you know losing her at that age floods. Has been I have in a lot of ways. Like moving forward I want to have a very close knit family like. But that being a father excites me in so many ways. Mostly because of that experience that the I don't know it's it's hard to kind of what you don't want anything that makes sense and he can go one way or the other. And consciousness thank you still. Want that family then I didn't that's beautiful and you could have gone the complete opposite way. That's what shows like your character. Patricia it. So how. That's the real deal right there is somebody who I think a lot of you'll be written off as kind of a pretty face the guy who had that embarrassing line the first time ever that Rachel. All the sudden really opening up in and she seemed to be ceasing to be buying. Exact issue really accurate really seen her connection and I'm she could tell she is trying to fight back tears and as she didn't want cheap and said she didn't wanna cry if you wanna make him cry even more. I think you know she really appreciates that he culprit as I mean that's you know. There's nothing else to. For buffer and open up and show and you know another sighting that was a mark. Maturity right yeah I think there is if you're talking about maturity this idea that you can take this person had gone on you know a few group dates with four. And actually get down to sort of what drives you and what is sort of means you the man you are. And they'll I think I think that's great and I really I feel like after that date I really feel nineteen and is one for each yes I think it's gonna come down to whether she feels like she costly custom mother him right because I mean there's that there's a thing with the mom great. May be light. Deal of confidence in the plan exact. That is a plus all of their dates of these costs like all scared of ice the like wheels it will. Props when he actually went into the control area and was at a driving a little and I need you can clearly see how terror I he was. Again leasing up a little can't get much more comfortable at the picnic that was not a picnic but anyway yes that they pick. Bachelors in bachelor nation a picnic is only picnic when your butts are on the ground right back it was a nice way to have a have a glass of champagne. Well although you wish you we should go to Julie Marie McKenzie our correspondents. Who he's been spending this season meeting with people that have never watched. The bachelorette and joy. What are you hearing from people about last night's episode. The last minute episode. Hurt me my favorite part after with watching. It back. Apart the that we all knew then aren't they love and got them into Egypt from that time and time again last night game on I did that yeah. My you know that character can play and play on in living color of the program. She should ever. It got them elected you guys who got us thinking he was like the town. Eagles and collect information from having. Anything that might have eight children with the girl. And a look at this whole mess and digging Arnold at the base in place rent visible would be isn't it yeah. Currently. TTE. Eric you're not mean come back. Here advised them yet. I have to ask you about your friend. You know that she loved. Painter I haven't married I am look. Literally and I saw that in the past I'd be right in the opulent as soon but I'm yeah I'm. The billion hit in her. Well yeah. Choking more than he could reach all time. The controller that you haven't looking at him now. And then easily eat whole. I didn't yet Angela miles in Atlanta he's now let's give the name and you know an extra nimble how many. Natalie. Oh. All right let. I do also want to talk about Atlanta.

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