Barbara Walters Returns: 'I'm Fine and I'm Healthy'

Walters recounts the illness that kept her away from "The View" since January.
3:00 | 03/04/13

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Transcript for Barbara Walters Returns: 'I'm Fine and I'm Healthy'
Okay. -- It's not -- not forget to mention the a couple of -- is not new. What I'm talking -- I don't want to I'll. Why yeah. You -- you hey yeah. No it isn't enough good to different -- a big. Yeah. You had did you have not that you laid a solid yeah. Tourists with the -- you don't talk to him. Revenue -- enough I have one chickenpox should remind you see if -- Afghanistan. Do you have a -- for what you had finally -- you okay. Doctor about the I want not tell you more than you more than enough about my condition I took the first shot. -- that I've only talked about I have not been on the Internet that you noticed after six weeks yeah yeah except for the fact that I can keep hollering at them -- -- yeah yeah. -- today after a lot of scratching and rest I'm fine and -- health -- We -- yet again in January. When I was visiting a friend in Miami and she had as a nod against a well known actor who shall be named -- Not gave -- my New Year's hug and a kiss and that she the next day he -- what he didn't know then and I didn't know it all. Was that he was about to develop a bad case of shingles. Not if you have not I had chicken -- you can get it from someone with shingles -- did not back. Must people have chicken -- as kids might not have you got a second five except me. Anyway soon after I went to Washington DC two. Report on Barack Obama's inauguration anonymous feeling slightly under the weather and I thought they haven't temperature. -- to have to work. But just before the inauguration I visited the residence of the British ambassador to the United States -- -- -- and his wife she's a lovely people and I thought was walking down the stairs I suddenly -- losing. And I fainted. And I kept my head on the marble floor yikes so bloody and unconscious. I was rushed to Georgetown university hospital and -- hospital and attended by -- doctors the plastic surgeon who showed sewed up my forehead. Doctor Michael holding I wanna give them credit and the chief surgeon doctor Bruce -- -- two trips to -- Sub specialists say it check me -- everything to find out what positive thing I just got an amazing like I had. -- -- But quite funny story when I felt -- president of ABC. News been Sherrod was there and he was a mom didn't protect -- very -- he went to the hospital in the -- it. Every here's Chad I want about the addition to originally been -- but he's the president of NBC news in the hospital said. We have had bigger presence. OK. Yeah. It had been brought to that hospital anyway thank you -- -- from Washington I was brought back to New York by ambulance -- -- Scott good that I had a concussion. That's similar to what happened to -- than Clinton when she found in her head. And although my eyesight has not been affected has evidently watched Chelsea Clinton emailed me and said that -- was -- about a mother and me. Matching helmet. Only Sheila. Had a concussion to change. Let's invest. And that's what I have been doing for months. The chicken -- came and went weeks ago about you still don't this -- not not just in case yeah. Injury has taken longer so I've rested -- watch the show and I saw all the wonderful -- titlist. And I was able to scream and yell at you with the screen ends his day. Not happening in my head is clear the concussion is all of beat bush I should have had my head examined -- yeah I'm. And I -- a -- I. All of I'd have a good wishes so what I was -- her -- would let us. Not just from. Mrs. Clinton but from tradition into mrs. Obama are. President and mistress caught -- -- -- and they have majesty queen mania of Jordan New York's cardinal don't know what. And -- we -- -- mayor Michael Bloomberg and most of face I had public television I want to thank viewers like you. Who wrote in May and expressed concern new touch touch me frankly won't you do I got about that I -- The only ones throughout to have Barbara back at the table throughout -- shell -- is getting time all star welcome back wishes and more surprises that you don't -- -- next. It may actually be one. Right now. I. See me and -- Surprise despite Kieran I'm isn't the end -- let -- come back without flowers I do this everybody gets sick and.

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{"id":18648675,"title":"Barbara Walters Returns: 'I'm Fine and I'm Healthy'","duration":"3:00","description":"Walters recounts the illness that kept her away from \"The View\" since January.","url":"/Entertainment/video/barbara-walters-returns-to-the-view-after-illness-18648675","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}