Bowling legend's decades-long fight for recognition of perfection

For almost 35 years, bowling legend Glenn Allison, also known as Mr. 900, and his fans have been fighting to have his perfect 900 series recognized in the record books.
12:54 | 11/28/16

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Transcript for Bowling legend's decades-long fight for recognition of perfection
But all started out as just a normal Thursday night. I have never had one bowler on serious bowler. Tell me that they didn't think that was the greatest league series ever bowl. I didn't imagine for a moment. And it never been done if you sync Alison. Saying under bowling analysis 900 is a story unlike any other history. It's only one that's been in Sports Illustrated this way. I think the American morning. There's blues. Have been a lot of scores turned down timers. First and only 900. My name is Glenn richter Alison better known as mr. 900. Okay. The main idea. Is to knock down all ten pins with one roll of your ball. Still trapped and you've got to strike. All true graph. Warmed up yet brew. We can't grab hold my first game my mother and dad took me call him little bowling center eight Maine senators we're here California. Time after the first borrowers are lovable. I did it as much as I possibly could backward. Follow the way it janitorial work and he thing where they take the lead bullet company. I'll record turnout. He's seen by some boulders and Chicago's it. Decided that they needed another player on the team now in 1956. That would relieve. He started might replace. July 1 1982. I was fifty cleared today and I'm. Mom or dad were working in the liquor store and left director George Platt. Came down the bowling center on the 300. Polls there and they wouldn't mind rather. I can't view. And I moved to another airline this prayer right here thirteen fourth. And proceeded to start striking when I got over here. After about seven or eight framed I felt like I'm Michael Green card. And after the first 300 everybody kinda came up and for a political and applause and and many startup the second game springs writes on the road again and everyone was wondering can he do it again. There are certain points of etiquette you should observe and after you pulled quickly got back out of the way. And be sure you stay on. He approached. After the first game and I drove into the lounge and got myself a little Johnny brown. Does not sit on this for awhile. And I stepped on all the way through this acting game wallet dated through twelve more right everytime he get comfortable everyone stop pulling together. Get as close as they watching through the next ball. People that were in the league calling friends to come down to maybe witness this historical. We're very flat salary don't know if one person died after during ample time. And I went back down just check it later remanded. He was pretty remembered and he sounds the same seat. He would go up occasionally talk was brother after that second game I decided I didn't allow me get another round. Guys have done network although it is. I kind of thing that sipping on at my news can't find her. The whole bowling out it was a bustling and then he'd get up on the approach and you could hear him it was a magical moment to just kept building built. I never in my life dream of bowling and nine. My dream run eight games. The existing record at the time we. Hillary I got after bowling new cancer frame of the third game I needed Danvers try to break that right. There are many breaker on the back nine that were to break. The last two strikes I got through the 900 to finish up the niners. For almost like an after. I've already done. When I have a dream. The 900 would just ask. Cameron brown. Their local bowling association came down and catch the lane. It was a little hand held device. That was spring loaded it had a pat on it they would cockpit but it on the board pressed the button and this after what's going down. And they were looking for consistency in the way the pats look now. And they decided that the lane and not meet requirements do. And we're not. Actionable or other. For the niners carries so they turned it down that was such an objective counts they stated that there was too much oil in the senate bill. However it can't complain after they've been able rob back to me is almost an M you know. We're definitely coming. Every time a ball goes on the lane picks up some of that oil and changes that service. Karzai was concerned it was. Normal. Bowling. The average bowler that night was under accurate. I disagree hold them. I proceeded to. Go home go to bed get up and about four hours go to work that I open record stores 6 AM. That gentleman. Came in at guard I was looking at. A copy of the American bowling congress here book that I can't get your pieces reviewed here would that guy did allow hobbled 300 last night. And all I said was I was there. Never saw the man before and never saw him again I don't know whether he ever knew that we made. It. Together the most possible enjoyment out of your bowling by all means join a T. You my hands full in the league. Everybody that's a serious bullet excellent health he that the upper Echelon you know one of the all time greats. That couldn't imagine not only and I do cool liable to legally. At my age dating back. In turn out to be financially successful. Mine investment were not what they do it again. Don't work. We're right here live at 300 backdating which. I've been here for almost forty years and I love it love to be. It just is a shame for polling history. That one's name wasn't the one who went in there the waiting game has changed the sport has changed. His achievement is so much more difficult than any 900 has been shot since then there were. Not another 900 period for fifteen years. After why there aren't many. Rollers. Were both nine record. That come to me and says. You're just been through nine. It rippled with the old bowling balls. Full body old wooden lane. Now it's. It's it's much much Jeter's eventual when he finally. Don't mind. There was a petition out this bad here to get to 900 saying. Signed by thousands of people. And given to the United States cool it. Late 2014. They said that they had revisited the issue and decided that it was just snaps. Something they were gonna do to go back and change what effectively. Were the rules then because the rules are different now and recognize that score. They say it would be over any of the can learn for all of the 300 jet returned that if they have a new group mind. Then they'd have to prove all the rest. And asked him were turned down. Or go through by tomorrow. I have some respect for US BC's position because you can make an argument that while those with the rules. We don't want to do this in and Al K I can that's a defensible position he in the I disagree with it. Is that Pete Rose in Oakland didn't do anything wrong he and well the lengths people he was 36 strikes. Amazing achievement but we'll. Well I'm not saying that you write a will wipe away those rules I'm saying what glands or in the record book with an asterisk. And you say. Not approved under the rules of the day. However the rules of today it would have been approved under because the rules of today are basically anything else constantly like. Polling gives you all the benefits of consistent. Healthful exercise without strain. So you can enjoy it. All of the years of your life. And he's probably gotten more attention as a result of not being sanctioned. Then if it happens. So so that being said I think he's he's getting the recognition that he deserves. I'm mystery or bowl there's. I didn't that I could have on 900. Nine and then Graham I think here. Am very proud of. It's hard to describe. Hull amazing it's bad to see this story Greek team. Traction war 34 years now and it fascinates me how much. Interest still Verizon and how much support land still has after all these years people haven't stopped care. And I think that more than anything that needs aid. What you really want to say about a big change is that people still care. I hit every day out. I had already you. I don't think we'll ever be saying tonight would be satisfied if it can be put it in the record book and after. I think it deserved. Other nap. I'm happy. Mouse yeah. Whale.

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{"id":43605173,"title":"Bowling legend's decades-long fight for recognition of perfection","duration":"12:54","description":"For almost 35 years, bowling legend Glenn Allison, also known as Mr. 900, and his fans have been fighting to have his perfect 900 series recognized in the record books.","url":"/Entertainment/video/bowling-legends-decades-long-fight-recognition-perfection-43605173","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}