Celine Dion's New Song Tops Spotify's Top 5 List

Singer returns with new sound on "Loved Me Back To Life."
5:45 | 09/10/13

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Transcript for Celine Dion's New Song Tops Spotify's Top 5 List
They're the most virus on the -- -- top five -- and we've got -- -- joining me now Shannon -- spot -- trends expert Chad and it has spent far too long and so learning reunited and it feels so good it does feel good it feels natural doesn't on this -- said. We're gonna break it in nice and slowly. When the top five list this week hasn't been the theme -- love theme I think. -- -- -- -- That exit except for number five which then I mean I guess you could possibly make a case for the kind of affection can be kind of we love it love this girl is always the perennial favorite lord of the royals. -- yes -- know this song has been -- -- Spotify pyro. Lists her months and months and months and months she just recently cracked the billable accountancy she's really really really since -- -- now. And you know she's sick of his talking about how young -- Last cigarettes -- written directly and through nannies that -- she's tired of everyone hopping on the fact that she's only sixteen now this sixteen duality. But you know the thing is like in like 56 years -- look at and say hey you know actually that was a good thing because to have the kind of accomplishment. At the age of sixteen. It's amazing yet I mean I think I was popping pimples and learn how to drive -- sixty. I'm just that. If it's comparatively speaking I think that's what. But sixteen anymore who aren't journalists a man that is in love and you can clearly hear this and has yes this is John Legend. All at the this whole. Song that is. I think he's amazing there's something about that creamy rich voice that I just love I've always been a fan John Lynch and as you point that he's kind of integrate me he's about to get married to a gorgeous supermodel -- until these incredibly told his. But if -- honesty demolish -- What's that went to what is the classification I Vermont and I. Our -- is someone who's tool in super -- Legacy as a textbook definition of supermodel. But this song is enough his new album which just came out last week absolutely stunning album Kanye West helped produce -- and ten like this time limits on the list it's beautiful isn't that great choices out there and number three from the. Pop funk band from Baltimore all time low -- a love. Like war. -- this is a very into -- pop -- -- they've recently split up win. Of their major label. And sensitive penguins -- -- going. Well they're cute. Guys -- and -- and -- this is your thing and intuit. And it's not your thing pass along -- recommendations when you don't -- bush -- Scott -- -- good kind of aggression that. That raw allowed but it can kind of. Come out and doesn't blossom grainy image I actually quite like him -- things that mean now and no injuries and how it's -- bands. Emotions coming -- number two on the list they are being described noise pop music because a great way you can describe -- -- this -- from Brooklyn sleigh bells. -- bitter rivals. And flamed out not to be confused green Christmas and new business -- -- -- now quite the opposite. This year I think really -- -- -- -- name is Alexis. Music Alison -- she's to be an elementary. Schools -- -- to teach Spanish mission. Now at least the two of them -- the guitarists today have been had a really good -- this past years -- had some real chance success. They had a spot on SNL which is -- who has been dealing. I like them and their -- Jean -- The -- the -- as an educational backgrounds -- hit it right. Is pulling in -- Cynthia I think that's important how many times would you like to have when -- great school teachers incorporate song into one of the lessons. Right every day break on the periodic table by song title. Titanium with got that wind down now gusts could this thing I did I thought about this when -- done about your way ahead of me. Number one on the list he's back to life for -- Celine Dion -- -- don't come back with this new sound love me back to life. This is. -- -- It was necessary -- this is -- goods English language in about six season very highly anticipated -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Unbeatable. What I love about this song is that it's written -- -- -- my -- an accident. -- -- He really was I any time they were seeing Fuzzy she's a she's one of the greatest talents and I -- the -- -- to an account with him and beautiful song -- They expressed a very perfectly and I have to say is Celine Dion -- -- if you if you remember her. Nine I honestly I think it probably fame in just a big pool of much in I know what she's blazing the other day in the other day I had it on re -- to love you more. Just kept repeating I think it was a premonition anywhere -- -- -- I don't that you're happy to admit that. I'm but I definitely be chopped its spending cut was modified but the trends thank you so much and a great to see.

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{"id":20215108,"title":"Celine Dion's New Song Tops Spotify's Top 5 List","duration":"5:45","description":"Singer returns with new sound on \"Loved Me Back To Life.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/celine-dions-song-tops-spotifys-top-list-20215108","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}