Should Employers Hire Based On Social Media Posts?

"The View" co-hosts discuss the rising trend of potential employers basing hiring decisions off candidates' social media posts.
4:01 | 01/15/16

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Transcript for Should Employers Hire Based On Social Media Posts?
Yeah. You know back in the day he's to got a job by sending your resume and there was really no picture attached so people didn't know what you look like you have to come in for an interview. That's not true and it now people are these employees employers they go on things but they see your picture conceive you've been in some drunken spree. Everything is there for them to judge you ahead of time what you think about that do like. I I think in the social media age you know whatever you post your your almost wedded to great aunt and I know. As an had been an employer and we looked at everything we certainly looked at FaceBook we looked at instant Graham. And I think it's something that our kids need to think about because colleges. Look at it as well you know prospective coaches look at it as well and and I think it's I think it's appropriate out you're not gonna hire somebody because you don't think they're cute that had a. I'll look at how horrible. Person checked. But I didn't sorry can I just say you look at an NC their drunken stupor and see them go crazy yeah but just don't post it doesn't need to select doing. Yet how do. Mark but here's the difference I would want to hire someone who's Smart enough to know not to put that out into the world yet do it on air on time happy yeah. I would also hire someone based on the angles of their southeast like you know. They know that that's flattering on like Texas markers like out west athletic hot dog company in a drunken brawl I would Bryant had asked him -- and help I would do yeah I'm I think that someone he need life long time ago before you post something on any social media asked would you mind if your mom's side and would you mind if your boss thought if you can answer that. Click away you know what I American crime this weekend and see if they're terrific yeah. And Nate what happens is a kid hasn't let basketball team and he goes to a party and some boys drugged him. Attacked him sexually and then they take a picture of him lying in the dragons drunken stupor. And that goes all over the place and the school frozen out of the school there and and then that's what the program is about by the way should see NI top it's not like this well that's how bad I pass happy and so what about fact. Other people can put things about you wanted to that's not two different conversation because you can't. I mean that happens all the time it's awful it should be legal now do you have gone to jail over it actually it's like that they said. So that's that's you can and that doesn't relate to a hiring process at all that's us more about. How horrible the Internet can be comfortable all of that doles out will be on the continent for they employers to say. Democrats that are victims although we doubt you that you would just like they don't know that when they see your rest and make we went to Harvard Law School but look at this picture latest we should Johnson junior. I just say something that somebody said from Twitter and it's all teen is. Yes and no I agree but I thought it was interesting she said it's called social networking not professional or let me look at all the hiring managers pictures in their phones I just don't want it to be a double standard we don't know we don't. Understand exactly social media is doing our how to handle or how to at least it because it's new to our culture within reason. But I think that's what private pages for and that's what public pages for because everybody has. Things in their class. You know and saying just some people post and something. They tell us everything mixed marks write a private thing makes a lot more sense if you have a private instant anger sort of protected at Fung's you don't avenue when you don't now yet in this case are an idiot. I would I was I was pick them up because the bottom line is. If you put something on social media. It can get out private public if I have no matter I work for an investigative company guess what we pretended to be you know we we have fake. Profiles and and we friend of people and we still got it to their friends and talking about why are they accept your stomach but I just thought it just when it. Not bad fact that it is like herpes its fifth forever it isn't Democrat firm and absolutely essential part of a testing. I'm moms like an opera fashion he has faced look we need those numbers we need that public look at we need some jobs need to see your FaceBook and they want to see more craziness going on gazelle hired waited out of it never gets Google never forgets continue. Google will always remember and know the July we'll be right.

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{"id":36319824,"title":"Should Employers Hire Based On Social Media Posts?","duration":"4:01","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the rising trend of potential employers basing hiring decisions off candidates' social media posts.","url":"/Entertainment/video/employers-hire-based-social-media-posts-36319824","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}