'Housewives' Star Visits Fellow Amputees Affected by Boston Tragedy

Aviva Drescher shares childhood story about losing her leg and why helping others is important.
5:03 | 05/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Housewives' Star Visits Fellow Amputees Affected by Boston Tragedy
In every sense of the title she is a real housewife of New York but of even treachery is not defined by the bickering the extravagance -- -- raw emotions that we see so often. On reality television instead. She's using a life changing experience that left two with a prosthetic leg to help others that are going through the same challenges that she faced change. I made up Tommy can't say for an appointment. But actually want to give me your first running -- Yeah -- yeah. -- -- and they're running land there for you heard them. -- recently -- went to Boston to meet some women. Who lost their legs in the Boston bombing tragedy and she joins us now to talk about that experience and -- she's helping others. We certainly appreciate you stopping by today thank you that clip is so amazing you can see the connection that you're making with that little boy Tom. Thank you I have to ask how did you -- -- I'll when I was six years old I had a farm accident. Upstate New York I was sleeping over at a friend's house and it was conveyor belt that moves the manure at a -- -- we were just playing like children and take my -- got caught. So for -- -- from six years old onto this formative teenage years. -- tease for you were singled out I mean you obviously had -- a great family support system. I know no one ever tease me to my face it was us it was a constant struggle to. -- like everybody else that's -- I ever want it I wasn't I wasn't. Italy rejected a hitter on a life. Delegates that you reject -- -- betting huge fan following on real housewives. But at the same time you're also making this connection as we can just see right there in the equipment the same time with some of the women from the Boston Marathon bombings -- when you're meeting them in your hearing their stories do you. Find yourself reliving the memories and and kind of re experiencing the that the of the emotions the process that you had to go through. I -- a little -- I do -- you know we tend to forget things that are breaking -- like childbirth and you know a lot of physical pain so. I don't remember are so much physical pain that a lot of them are enduring. I understand their anxiety -- depression their fear and I'm I'm there to say to them it's gonna be okay. And you're gonna -- to do everything that people with two -- condemn. Win win when you were growing up did you have someone that was sort of your go to you that these women and these people are. I don't see it from you know. I had no one. I had no one I didn't even know of anybody who hadn't lost a limb really want I want to my across the test they were mostly older people there. I I we just never really I never really knew anybody and had -- been somebody on a television show. Who had a handicap. For a missing landmark any saying it would -- helped me so much to feel confident going up I didn't even now. You know as a child would you know would a boy like me would anybody want to marry me how -- I succeed I I didn't feel those things except living through it. And if I had somebody that I could have seen how she's doing it that would have made it batter which is one of the reasons why joined the show. And she's on TV she's very visible and this show has been picked -- for -- second who have for for another season this is -- be your second season yes. Are you ready now for round two because the first one around I mean. You can't beat up but you -- -- punch -- that time. You know it's true I got I think if you -- and I got the -- that's -- -- said. You know I'm ready I'm ready for another season I'm looking forward to it -- always change saying and as there always knew relationships and Allison what happened. The ultimate -- -- -- -- enhancement drugs involved with another campaign as well yes yes tell me a little bit about. So -- so why it is as a campaign to. Bring gay rights. -- to fruition. NN war. And more positive light in an already -- that we've made tremendous strides. And you know my whole family that an ad campaign. And I teach my children my has not he's my children yet we don't see. -- we don't see sexuality we LC hair color we don't really see eye color we don't see. One leg to -- -- we don't see wheelchairs we just see hearts and we see people and we. Believe that everyone's blood is the same and everyone's heart is the same man world in the best we can't we all want the same things -- so. As a family we are supporting gay rights of the. And a lesson that cannot be taught enough nearly in -- and they'll be an every musical festival coming up as well yes yes so possibly a fight. To -- my vocal -- a little that I might be invited him. Well -- -- I think that's where tonight shoehorn my way and yet. Look at it -- if you heard me saying -- What you'll do a duet. You know I would love -- -- -- any time and once on watch what happens live asked me to seeing and a little hands song and I never -- my life and I thought I was RA it was -- -- And the wicked thing I didn't win -- that -- that would drag on you address your thank you so much continued success to you thank you thank you so much.

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{"id":19250383,"title":"'Housewives' Star Visits Fellow Amputees Affected by Boston Tragedy","duration":"5:03","description":"Aviva Drescher shares childhood story about losing her leg and why helping others is important.","url":"/Entertainment/video/housewives-star-visits-fellow-amputees-affected-boston-tragedy-19250383","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}