Inside Marvel: Tie-in issues to 'Secret Empire' in the Marvel Universe

Marvel's Axel Alonso and Nick Spencer discuss the heroes affected by the "Secret Empire" storyline in other books.
12:02 | 05/18/17

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Transcript for Inside Marvel: Tie-in issues to 'Secret Empire' in the Marvel Universe
Actually you have been in the show a number of times and Nicholas Edwards hit nick I've never seen tents. I have full confidence that would know would. NIC what what was that again sorry and its effect. All right now so this is an event in events mean that there's more than one book coming out that that this is a story that a universe is telling and not just one story. So what we were open to do with is you've got a number of books coming out axle over the course this. A few or directly tied to you. This this in America Maine run. A fewer just the stories of different characters that universe. Largest kind of again dealing with the remove the cap we talk about a lot during the civil war show last year and it's really cool to kind of watch. Whole universe move in lock step and tell one huge compelling story. So I wanted to refute these real quick anybody kind of defeated China and yet questions is what's so funny that this is that these stories that are peeling off. Something that's going to this mean and nick at love your thoughts when it comes to you again what kind of story communities votes it talent that's in the first on the comes to mind the undergone. Let's cosmic cube and nick again you've worked with as a bond Covert and you go into. And again we've got four heroes inserts that constitute. Watt. Yeah I didn't namely get taken Alina but he practiced the etiquette in reassembled. You. It they can fix what's been done Easter this. This team is really. You know out the world trying to find it ski rack there's the pregnant and scattered in various. It's. Eager young everything one hijackers acted and well. Cities whose penis focused on autopilot. And so again we've got this threat that we've gotten Rick Jones comes out. He says hey he get a cosmic keyed in May solve the problem. And we've got this group of heroes racing Behrens the united try to get the skewed because again that this is a great way to potentially solve this ranked people. I think it. He for the that the general fans out there that I was very interesting explain the back the Oracle in the Cuban how I love imagery about Coleman and little girl is. Cuddling up with the rats goal and and I now believe he he got he got her affinity and then that's when she you know was able to its parliament grateful there every. Plainfield. We if they do we assemble this. Who's a cynical it would even you know allow this happened you know what what goes in that's bars that you know the threat with and that with minutes of. Yeah exactly you know it acts that you will impact. Ice. On. It day this is clearly. You know some very success. You know so but the curator very attentive to view that idealism in the hope that you know where now. So again it's underground that is the story of what seems like could be one way trip for a lot of people trying to get this constitute the brings that. And on all right up what you're saying we've got. Secret empire uprisings could entire uprising is the story of widow. Building which counsels or army in order to basically maybe just make it and running try to go after and I'd. As we know what happens when you cut off the heads of hydra I just died right that's the have done a pathetic. So again it would illustrating some of these champions they they'd been growing institute in becoming more and more national Marva universe of the institute for years. Some really compelling characters and this book is kind of looking at how would it was able to kind of you know. Maybe it heals him for some of these books maybe make them do some dire stuff that they haven't. It forced doing confront. So again this very equal team this the uprising but anybody having questions that you are they aware was anybody aware of that hydrant that's going. She kind of still in the shadows still kind. Pulling. It's easy to keep. Your article you'd. He did it at a little more he's not directly on. You know a figure with the streets you're. You've seen her like the daily bugle a few occasions maybe. It's our actually back on Kaplan given speeches on Capitol Hill well it's funny we're still at it since they because our next book that you wanna talk about is is the united. And this has a lot to do with how caps earnings government. And how caps interacting with the news development. Again we cannot talk about who somehow different actions that we've seen recently how to dealing with that the humans think the fantastic time because of the golf world. The US cellular and have their own nation they're confronting with again that the number one G a political foe is now captain America's hydra island United States so. Again this is just kind of there's a lot of com. Sequences two that these events that we're seeing in this is just one of any. That's worth noting Hickman had just exhaled because they can't pass the carriage admits that he got half. No one reads decreed that had their species you know on the edge of the endangered species so I think this is this is bad timing for them while they see. They just how to defend him a reprieve another it's like the extent they just can't catch a break there like that Peter Parker of the marvel universe it's insane. It's how it. Next up and again this is a a thread that you excuse me in book number one. Where we see in number of heroes. Andrew call for a vision article scarlet -- I believe that they are collaborating with. The Hydro government and so this is you look at what's going on the main offenders but it's in many ways again looking at what's going on here in the hydra avengers and what's kind of going on with this. Official organization so to speak and so you're very coy on this last week but but what he. Woody kind of perceived for these Hydro and affiliated vendors. Who are recruited to replace it on the pre op de. We don't they. Scarlet witch condition. Were both Perdue. Allow it is you. They're there I'd be there will. We don't listen to stories very different not something that we're going to be getting into I believe in. Secret empire five and an instant berries eyeing each season and now play big role. You know as we move forward. But you know her her owns and ease he sees the error. And that's you know a major entry and tickets here on its try to understand. And charted new. Yet it was gone. Those that look at the person comes in my mind is it's so we talk about captured attention and the possible redemption. But. I don't see in the public guy but you if you're thinking about. These fell avengers that are going along if we do get to a plate and say it's a big if if we do get to a place where. This the wrong as get righted or I don't TV frightening call them wrong because again every particular perspective is different. What if we get to a place where the fans wrongs of invited in this universe as far as tiger being ousted from from from running things. How did the other avengers the fellow that who's at fault hand. And they redeemed themselves as well side of the very long question I don't I didn't see you hold Neil near okay Captain America holds month building and if he weren't. But shortly yeah I mean it it's. Rick good point if if we get to the point you describe there will definitely be some explaining to fit on there on the behalf of certain characters and I think. You know this isn't our first rodeo dealing with the aftermath the big events from civil war you know on. You know characters it's that the story is always on going in some cases they'll be. Moments for atonement perhaps. If that story were to unfold that way I'd keep reading. Now I just wanna go through a few books sum up quickly and in the he's kind of talk that Audi pulled into the universe whole. One of them is the occupy vendors book. I am absolutely delighted to talk about hot night every single opportunity. And occupy avengers has been going on for the allow this is David Walker's book is there. Yes yes and so does gone up allowed the story of it started right after hop guy killed the whole question. And it's basically takes of his sabbatical through the course of America. And trying to basically fine white god that this game in the first place turns out. Gil nitrous that's great. Next up we've got the US avengers the president is a fascinating book by valuing rates it's as it came after the new vendors but which is again one of my favorite but the guess I was personally. And again this is the story of again a group of avengers. Who had previously kind of taken over a super science organization. Now they're liberating Europe from high ways next up there's the ultimate to. OK those are the folks or on the outside of the global defense. They're stuck in space that did that. Series' run is called purgatory. In its as a lot of base that these folks atoning for the sins of trying to build this thing. And just having to deal wave after wave after wave of Torre and this is the great captain marks for its great. It's America's story as well as visited and trying to Urquhart collect just hope they'll now and then finally just real quick wanna talk with the uncanny avengers this is the news team unity spot. And these are the folks who are the New Yorkers fighting the dark so those are four great stories that are all calling a little corner of this world. And the last two are the ones. But houses this whole all resonates around cap and what what you know what he is or isn't doing and the huge turn at the end. But the last he brought the people outside the grid and and outside the in a planet earth grid and then the ones within the dark dimension. Feel like there's a ticking clock it feels almost like game. Make your in. In the theater for action movies are you know and that's kind of on very jarring to me is like I keep thinking about the people outside there with the way it's start coming in and and then same thing goes for you know in issue two we saw with you know who cajun iron fist dagger can't keep the lights on all the talk forever so. There's I guess what out of the question here but I wonder is that you know we expect to get casualties on this because it feels like work gripping ads for. Seats. Scared for these people. Well sort of it could be I think that the key thing is as you said there's a war being fought on three fronts one of them is in the united proper. With Captain America in real time and then you have that there are forced to mention you about a degree I think that looming question is. Will the heroes be united one time possible and if so who makes it. And I wasn't one other book real quick just because the art on this is magnificent. It's the secure Aureus booking again. Think he's really mean just wondering what was going on in New Jersey. A place that not even the dark force the bench will go we got again this marble one of the economic break attacks as the leaders we've got Boone girl and devil dinosaur. And they're just messing stuff up their liberating camps their rating convoys it's a delightful read and again he Rex arms yeah. And again New Jersey is where it's actually again it's the Jason it's it's their so so this is a real fun book. And it's gonna what is one of the times. Ms. laurel again and AC's been women's champions she's not out with a bedroom she sees me doing something here's. Google phone. All right and it's with that it come on let's you one last time you're also working on the Captain America but still what's going on and that would mean arc of it just briefly. It Indy it right. There really look what he pre. Steve green light. You know how he doesn't mean and you know how accurate. A confrontation not a lot you Hugh exactly. Sequences. Things like. Free expression free speech so. Added that that's that's that's going to be a night when bored especially. Of the school's war. And in the Sam listen to America book. We saw it the end. To impart to you. You know it is seen as doing something very deeper with his life now he's the mayor giving up being a superhero. So this is about him beings that are slowly pull back and he still wears the Captain America. Yet I noticed that yeah if you got that bring you gotta stick with.

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