After: The Oscars - ABC News Digital Report

Catch all the highlights from the 2013 Academy Awards.
3:00 | 02/25/13

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Transcript for After: The Oscars - ABC News Digital Report
The red carpet is rolled up statues -- on a fireplace -- and that last party death has stumbled home. Everyone I'm Dan Platt -- the 85 Academy Awards are in the books plenty of big wins big surprises from the night. From the First Lady giving -- an award to first time host Seth MacFarlane here is the best. Of the biggest night in Hollywood. Good evening way to tell -- welcome. To the Oscars. And the quest to make Tommy Lee Jones -- begins now. Certainly that they. Okay. Guy fall. Mr. -- this stuff up. And mr. Jones my -- It came true. Not bad that I fell and it's really embarrassing thing. I'm Doug Merrill was -- -- with Stevens. Plus choice vote. For Lincoln. Times. I'd like to sit out for us and thank you -- god. -- Oscar goes to. And it doesn't matter. I get knocked down like this that's gonna happen. -- it's better. Pilots and it's let me use this. What a night indeed and here with me now is Peter Travers film critic extraordinaire host of ABC's popcorn Peter Travers. And a man that cannot stop saying surely basking in trying to recreate that gold finger number I have to -- I think he you know what I really hated -- -- just two minutes. And I watched it for three hours and forty minute we got at all but we are all concentrated. What have you done to Houston. -- -- get your reaction biggest surprise like -- winning best picture war. -- -- and it been announced by the First Lady well that. As a surprise I still don't understand why the First Lady was there -- announcing it. I think this was a political year politicians tried to take my job as a film critic. They came in they are -- -- campaigning and ten guests senator Joseph Courtney -- saying Lincoln was lying about Medicaid Dianne Feinstein and John McCain kept saying -- as we didn't -- -- board anybody really that was just maybe a couple of people. Doing -- -- -- zero dark thirty Lincoln obviously it seems like a natural than that you're gonna somehow incorporate the White House and ministers to -- -- next year let's just have Obama. Bad Catholics acceptance speech because obviously he got snubbed by the academy for not getting enough for best director but in the and he was the one -- got a lap into the bank. He couldn't stop winning for having lost yet it in half and got nominated as best director Lincoln would probably think the best picture that was the greatest thing that could've happened to him when -- help prevent -- we did but you can -- in the end though and you could tell he really had that sense of humility about he did it was a really good speech and it wasn't -- -- of really good speeches. What I want to ask you about Anne Hathaway's speech because while people were looking at her as the -- it. Was she was issue in rent she won she said he came true and it's a princess story and we all of that but that she did that laundry list. You know right. I -- speeches where people just go a little bizarre so my favorite is Jennifer warrants. Because she falls she recovers. A little bit. But she seemed human if anyone can pull -- that deprecating kind of stumbled on this stress this doesn't quite feel like me it's Jennifer lower he's going to be around a long time I I think she definitely about. One of the most bizarre moments of the night is the orchestra playing off those giving those extemporaneous. Speech system that's being cut -- this. How long routes that you possibly -- -- -- boom and breakfast the shark's gonna -- -- EU. Right well. And that's literally Transmeta that he didn't implicate nipping at its 22 and went back are limited and Affleck and Matt Damon when they won their -- He started to get laid off and Ben Affleck said. You're not gonna do it racked up more exist and they got there -- regret that we think of of the bond tribute because it's been fifty years since the start for most disappointing thing I've ever really the lips of James Bond movies. Not one bonds shows -- fifty years to come they couldn't get. Sean Connery or Roger Moore aren't any but you had how quickly if you had tallied area up here introducing -- she always a showstopper on. Well I -- one bar. There's so many of them and it's can't get one yet but if you pick one how -- you bend and explained the rest -- -- -- -- -- sorry we had to -- -- I would explain it I've wanted somebody you didn't want somebody there -- I did -- like -- think surely bats he get up there at the age of 76. And built the councils she's got editing -- -- for her. She's still got Seth MacFarlane your thoughts quickly about his I'm very mixed yeah there were parts that worked and then there would jokes that I I cringed from. Not a good -- yet there were a few that were on -- if you're wondering this morning like so you know what this actually on broadcast this is not people that we're doing and yet John Wilkes Booth is the battle that got that as an easy -- little bizarre on now -- enough obviously can't talk about the Oscars without talking about the fashion here to give us the lowdown on who got it right who may have missed the mark I hate saying that. But is -- -- about a from Lucky Magazine Laurie. A big night last night and I'm not gonna say anyone miss the market there were some that -- perhaps better than others that's right that that's very diplomatic and you. I never know where you're gonna make enemies. I ask that fashion is like had to name a -- Taliban and you're in -- room. I was gonna go that only people if they without the shrimp cocktail by car you know we can say with the -- -- The R&D center I think -- -- -- last night was definitely Jennifer Garner yet. Jessica tax -- And I think Reese Witherspoon looked amazing and what we saw last night with -- returned to you and you hear this almost every year at this point. Old Hollywood glamour right Clinton and I airlift amazing she was -- -- T. And when I'm president there was kind of a surprise it was simple and a friend and that and it all party in the back if you compare our round. -- -- description of Ramallah if I'm not mistaken it. No business in the front coming. Art in our eyes could -- Jennifer Bartlett's -- Reese Witherspoon looked incredible yeah because she just recently had to be advocates and reform and now. And I -- Santa baby a year ago and I still don't look back. She was -- me the time I just five she was perfect she habits toward an illusion with the black trained cobalt -- you it was perfect the perfect look for -- -- just get on a soapbox -- it isn't always have this looked I mean this is like a classic -- look. -- -- -- are I think we've really seen her -- back to win and that she won an Oscar winning on Peter when you're ditching in the -- I don't think five years ago -- can't look back to that okay -- -- only about she's she's second husband Reece now. She ground and -- she's young and look look at this picture he's embracing that -- Jennifer Aniston and I would like to get worse dressed and again and we say worst dressed all at the sliding scale I mean is there anyone ugly and Hollywood you know the Fed may be. Is -- -- all beautiful pointed out. And I think. It was just a little disappointing animals an -- you know -- looking we want to see explaining. And isn't it time you can dramatic you can bring out your Bjork -- -- Last thing then the big as the biggest disappointments we're just that there are little bland and I have to say I hate to do this because she's so talented. But -- -- kind of missed the mark to put it. As gently as you did okay. It was so ill fitting dress which is a beautiful -- -- -- -- in the final -- in the back. It -- address that was the problem with this sick of the drafts and this actually inspired its own Twitter account you can but it looks. I seriously -- actually. Our solid jokes that you could go out -- but it looks yeah those dark. That is a that is based magic I think it is -- it is not because -- -- there is we don't honestly yeah I'm fine with. She was rocking this -- thank you here is -- -- I don't think yes that's sort of a trend we're seeing -- was wearing that pastels. And use color. A lot of things we're working it just wasn't working. I'm her okay are supporting her -- for -- for about headed Helen Hunt. Let it right I mean that she didn't go to some fancy -- -- high end designers she -- went down the street picked up a couple of grocery since that I gotta -- the Academy Awards -- stop an agent. I love to sit and worked on -- -- hearing you know 29 dollar bargain basement -- let's not get it twisted -- This is still constant need for her but the reason -- -- she chose as. What because -- and -- partnered with clean global and it was important to her to sort of make a statement both fashion and and -- and that environmental I can get that word out message behind the dress if you can incorporate the two it's always her battle our way out when and where the do you think he's as quickly. Because Jennifer Lawrence -- in her -- Does that mean she would never. We'll hear that again she angry at our role she loves our roads into more -- -- one -- my best dressed as well I thought she looked absolutely gorgeous. And I think the biggest trend -- seeking Oscars was inspired by her which was a -- Wear down your back. OK that I always this elaborate maybe that was going to be the next the next line from viewers gonna come out the -- stumbled through because -- -- now. -- -- -- -- -- Peter all right it's obviously you know fashion sense been the template that you are for the fashion industry in exactly -- Manto man now I'm gonna ask you this we saw a lot of facial hair last night what's -- about a dozen. Why -- growth will be -- but tonight we couldn't really do it and I saw Clooney and. Affleck and everyone doing it. George Clooney has a reason for his beard because he's making a movie called monuments men and -- he's -- avid look for that. But in Catholic I think thinks the beard. Makes him look like a series director who might get nominated next but wasn't a solidarity because all three at the end -- setting up there's like a three beards men. No I think that's the cool thing before it was sort of -- two days I'm shaven and now I think it's to be are we gonna have to meet and do this. Paul Rudd as well up over all right something I I don't know what that. His idea -- -- -- -- Paul -- even if that was the coolest thing about what -- one is that Clooney did not step up and take the microphone and I think that that only reinforces the fact that Hollywood just loves and has been a class act -- you those who wanted to let the microphone at the spotlight -- on someone even worse he could have directed it was his project. And he's -- I'll give it to bet he'll do it. So what he -- -- is never done that he's not won a best picture award and -- is the other thing is is that you know you're looking at how lake you know we're talking against so much about about Ben kind of getting snubbed a little -- the same time. But he had a very good point in his speech -- -- as a matter you're gonna get knocked down I -- get back up again that's right kind of a little a little twist in the night. It was a little I think he didn't get back up again he survived -- the he -- -- you'll have to. Right now he's back up there at the top of the game now the question is. What does he do next. And he also saying don't hold grudges as well at the topping your game it's easy failure -- -- really is easy. Wouldn't have to say that if you were sitting in the audience going. -- -- -- out there and polishing and another and that's -- prayer for Is here -- -- -- what everyone was talking about and Andrew I'm guessing everyone was talking about beards side -- what -- the -- what -- the theme and an idea who -- When I got outside not my favorite that's really not -- -- Monday I don't -- be part of Monday I really don't mean by that money back. Then that that what you just and the Ben -- quote inning knocked down between -- -- saw thousands of reeds weeds which is something we don't really see. -- thousands of reeds weeds so that single belonged to people loved it people -- inspiring stuff but take a look at this last night we saw eight point nine. Million tweets from the Oscars job one of those came from the red carpet and six point eight of those. Came during the awards show are to put into -- -- perspective of things and as far as the grammys presidential race -- -- always try to compare like when you know at the Academy Award for more tweeted then say I don't know legislation right now. And then they would and they actually -- they weren't working in the grammys just weeks ago the -- -- fourteen million tweets. And the first presidential debate -- back back in October and this may give you some faith in humanity. Got ten million tweets was of the ballots in Martin. I'm betting Hospira okay. The -- -- I don't know. I wonder what the rest of the world thinks about as the back man well you know I don't know they like -- Academy Awards an awful lot presidential elections. I think it's good but but take a look at this that the red carpet arrivals most mentioned and recovered rivals number one. Was Anne Hathaway and I think it was -- what -- was saying about the ill fitting. And the Twitter -- in the business in the UDR Anderson it's ill fitting that -- did he did -- -- darts which I don't know if you were part of this of his I don't know I don't know what that means that. -- -- -- -- -- -- An -- moments on -- but. People on base but apparently love adult because number one number two are friends of -- but tell us that her performing -- fall and her again winning for best song and idling when she's that I love you baby wasn't an amazing bathroom that was -- is -- genuine and about your -- January. But people loved her on FaceBook but those were the big moments and so -- her dedicate her followers are so incredibly dedicated and that's by the way explains why the grammys policies so much more tweets because people who. Like artists. -- -- -- with and they follow them religiously you know Justin -- is the most followed person on Twitter so of course -- shows up on the grammys are gonna see. Millions and nines and tweets because you get a -- one room in the world's leading. The grammys -- and I'll push us but -- and just kind of this is my own personal preference would -- Streisand fishy to make any kind of social really I -- she's just. They're going to be. The fact that it. But -- think about it like when -- crystal most of last year I think -- he did -- article of people saying who was Billy Crystal was all these young kids with -- wouldn't believe that generational differences from. Decide who's right. The lower standard Peter guys thank you so my you buy and today and -- recap that wraps up our look at the Oscars thanks for watching everyone for more. On the Oscars. At

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