Jessica Chastain on Her Recent Success and Award Buzz

Actress talks about Oscar speculation surrounding "Zero Dark Thirty."
10:01 | 12/21/12

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Transcript for Jessica Chastain on Her Recent Success and Award Buzz
You'll notice these dealt panels and -- while we use on the -- to. But it can hide so -- It's between what we really need this born in Libya mean you know he's anti -- virtually nonexistent. -- -- -- There -- two narratives. About the location of -- been caught. The one that your most familiar with is that you -- -- hiding in -- cave in the tribal areas -- -- surrounded by a large contingent of loyal fighters. But that narrative is pre 9/11 understanding of -- -- The second Meredith. That is living in the city. Living in -- city with multiple points of egress an entry. Access to communication. So they can keep in touch with the organization. He can't run a global network of interconnected cells from. Here's Katherine Bigelow movie with you playing a CIA. Agent target there in in basically a world the -- Yes it's it it's like -- you know Catherine making movies about. Men in action most of the time doing that. Yeah to feel -- women warriors. Coming out in that world did you connect. On that basis absolutely. G to go out and -- -- some guys around. -- I don't think I mean even needed him because Kathryn hens are that -- methods -- than ninety like that the crowd parts when she walks and and not because she's. You know mean RA -- recall she's -- -- -- is fair and generous. Powerful. That is working on this -- with captain and she's the only one who could have made it. Because -- box all stereotypes. For women. In this stadium usually we're used to seeing characters. That are defined by men you know there either the love interest -- -- the victim of a man. And -- doesn't have any of that because. The true story is my aunt was married for job she unit didn't have the support of a boyfriend and homered -- like that. So working with Catherine she. She's really like honest and fair with this betrayal of what actually happens. And it's a great representation of this generation of women I don't think anyone else could've. Made this would be but Catherine -- -- it just seems to come together and that way. I mean my -- in our story is capable intelligent. And she stands on around. And it's really exciting to see that and -- that she also is someone that. The sense that the rabbit hole of her work. The ends of the film Nina she starts in one place -- we -- -- kind of become a stranger to herself. And someone asks at the very and 41 ago there -- this moment of where can she -- who is she now. But beautiful thing about what marking Katherine -- and it's -- ending the movie with a question they're not giving you an answer. Yes it's who is she what can she do now but it's. What do we do now as a country as a society. Of people it's -- really. -- into spending data HT seeing this wait to -- of Osama bin Laden and then get them. And then what does that mean exactly what does this mean. And I felt that when and how -- you were when you heard the news that they'd killed Osama bin Laden I remember when. I was told that it wasn't like. This pumping you know it is a very strange feeling. Wild bet that's a marker for this very intense decade we've been living in but what does it mean now what does it. Create -- what did you learn from playing this part that you didn't know going into. Well I didn't know I play this -- -- and I didn't know. How to be in that part of the world and and we. -- IA was three months before we start shooting that I was working on the character -- I learned so much about some of them on and so much about. The war on terror everything that led up to 9/11. Through my research. But then also being in that part of the world. It's crazy. To make a movie there because there are many times I go to a restaurant where was it exactly that we filmed -- -- -- India which is about three hours drive from Pakistan. And in a little you know primarily in Amman Jordan but then also around -- And you know went on I want to -- a nice restaurant with three -- the male actors. In a hotel in Amman Jordan. And it's. The waiter brought remains for the men but nothing for me in -- just be a liberal area so. It was constantly. Having that feeling come Matt me and every time it happens and that title Jason Clark ordered for me but I was just sitting -- simmering. Anytime that happens it's just like at catalog to the fire -- I you know she ended ten years -- -- -- in this and also much more intense line of work I think departments here. Yet it's it's a different pollution -- Imagining now all of these guys ordering -- you and you are in addition to all the awards you win. I did learn today that you repeat his choice for sexiest. Vegetarian of 2012. I don't know -- competition laws. But congratulations thank -- well I think tied with Woody Harrelson week. I think Woody Harrelson and I. That's not why -- value -- that. Combine that. But he now look what happens this movie is a great. And I don't even have to say that -- alone in the world thinking that everybody -- -- thinks so it's Oscar time again. -- We should just live through all of that helped. And the other yeah ten movies that you had made all of that tree of life especially at shelter which -- just think is about incredible. How are you handling this now that you are an expert. -- going through warts and I'm the for all complain what -- an expert in now I'm not an I mean come on lap one year on stage doing the -- yet practically the Oscars -- Yet for February 10 yes we're doing the area. You know it's it's a very strange career I've had so far because -- -- working for ever I feel like. So when last year happen -- -- when you think about it Peter it's the Mike. A year and a half ago as my movies first started coming -- that's crazy to me that so much has happened so fast. And I in last year kept saying I'll never have another year like this I'm just enjoying every minute because it -- -- And then of course this year has been incredible. So. Next -- -- is just going to be like the worst -- my life probably because it's just I feel so happy and I feel it's an embarrassment of riches. Although some of those movies of that. You -- Still aren't my bags of papers -- -- does delta Tina -- exactly I am taking I'm trying to do what -- can't release this bill now. So it must. Be that if you had somebody with you -- inherited that was a little more well known that Al Pacino why can't this get released -- I missed it for the to view out. Isn't just that their training is just. I think you know what it is it's did you see you looking for Richard I did I love that. But it's not conventional and it snared I mean it's set the wild -- me it's an amazing found. And there's bits of Moscow -- salamanders. It's. Alpa chino investigating who Oscar Wilde was. But also to I think he's still working on it he isn't -- true -- he's been working on this play expert. 25 years and isn't the end I don't have to collect of the film but. I really wanted to come out it's my first -- I've ever made how great would that beat up by I think. I remember you telling us here about how they all came out it wants and that -- friendly -- say yes. Are you lying to us Jessica what are you do -- in LA who really do. Yes there's no movies with you to be found any -- your -- without achievement Braddock as. Glor yeah not really happen again you know how we always -- -- shown with stats mean -- thing is of course. You're thinking he would find about it the last time now your guests to check what -- I think I think killer what I think. It was and yes it was no don't amount to say it now the kitchen waiting to catch means debate team again. I don't want is something you know I hear -- thing you never sing with Pete Wilson with. What -- -- -- on to get our right have a good Christmas aren't ready yet. Have a Christmas. -- that is you. I love me so. Just paying. He -- -- And another -- That is too long it's like decorations. And get your -- can't do it but that's wish everybody -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. And you just Nazi killer in this that I'm not a -- and I are not and a don't have any particular. That's what's great.

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{"id":18037486,"title":"Jessica Chastain on Her Recent Success and Award Buzz","duration":"10:01","description":"Actress talks about Oscar speculation surrounding \"Zero Dark Thirty.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/jessica-chastain-interview-2012-actress-recent-success-award-18037486","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}