Jessica Simpson's Secret Is Out

Jessica Simpson announces the sex of her baby on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."
4:27 | 03/07/13

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Transcript for Jessica Simpson's Secret Is Out
A bride to be dispels rumors a mom to be. Reveals -- secret and is this movie the next blockbuster to be with all those answers to be. Is Amy Palmer celebrity and lifestyle expert and founder of parliament TV always great to see you -- high level of being here a -- -- always always always does is -- favorite catch that sit on the restraining order has been dropped and we now eleven could. What's a Miley Cyrus is -- on is -- off the wedding. I mean Miley Cyrus is -- -- to -- hands -- for a while now but she's. -- because -- only rumors that he's cheating on her with all of these celebrities like January Jones one. And Emma Watson to kill and she's saying this is ridiculous the wedding is still on she took to Twitter and -- I'm done with LA I'm sick of social media and taking a break and then impure LA fashion five hours lawyers are streaming out. Where she can't party in the USA -- -- The musical. Nothing different about you said that on minutes read about I love the fact that you know -- that we can communicate our frustrations in mass media about the mass media frustrations that we -- it's it's very beta you OK Jessica Simpson now. At -- -- yeah this is an amazing moment. -- moment she was I'm -- -- last night and she kind of her chicken of the seem momentous for thirty. Existing house -- she was in the morning sickness right and that a body part of the mail was causing her this sickness. And she really just let it out that yes I am -- mean a boy and Jimmy Kimmel was hilarious with that I think you guys have a clip funeral let's figure with an area. I and vomiting and -- and never knew that a Weiner could actually make me nauseous and yeah. Yeah. All of them. Yeah -- I didn't even know. It is dietary tips or a lesson in anatomy I had another just -- sense and -- -- she grabs headlines approach to anything that -- -- -- she brings it every time -- that was classic Jessica Simpson right back on believable Weiner gate isn't going to be right I love it and this is not and that's not bad some big great gifts take honest about what this is her second child to. It is her second child one right after the out there and especially -- -- that deal with Weight Watchers were -- to slim down but she did say. With this pregnancy I'm still you know eating right Weight Watchers -- -- on this I was kind of interesting in terms -- -- -- Because I don't think Weight Watchers has really worked with a pregnant woman before especially pregnant celebrity you know as famous as Jessica -- -- -- sick and -- apparently -- for their love backlit he. But doctor Melvin added -- with a list of -- just how many points you get for that I mean ally Oz the great and powerful as of me at this weekend it's getting so much but we have to say obviously -- is created by Disney the parent company ABC news. But is this going to be the first blockbuster 2000 -- Meaning salads because it -- seasons are over so now we can get back to fox. Speaking about these blockbuster movies -- take your kids in the specialist Baxter -- James Franco stars in this -- -- and looking that's beautiful spots facts. Mila Kunis Rachel wise is -- Senator Clinton camp look great without special effects how James -- -- looked good in an apparent act as far as I'm concerned I don't you agree -- high we'll have to Iowa picking -- absolutely so that this is going to be huge is opening up Friday. Like I -- it's great for kids it's PG thirteen. It's directed by Sam Rainsy who did all the -- so you really knows how to make. This screen come alive -- -- things just look at this but -- so this definitely see huge blockbuster. And definitely something for everybody to get Al frank bomb could have known which he has started way back. We're franchise launched about it today any keeps reinventing itself which is so great this is deafening for the new generation. I think that you know generations of families can go see this -- they can talk about the original. Judy Garland I think that this is hears China and as you can bring your ruby slippers and today I have black heels in the snowstorm that happened here and you aren't yet next time I'll bring the ruby -- every man has that -- that I will thank you for giving them back to me appreciate it way. Bob -- TV always good to see you can't stand.

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{"id":18680411,"title":"Jessica Simpson's Secret Is Out ","duration":"4:27","description":"Jessica Simpson announces the sex of her baby on \"Jimmy Kimmel Live.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/jessica-simpsons-secret-18680411","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}